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Article Welcome to Purlem v2.0 👋

I'm really excited today to introduce you to the new Purlem v2.0!  It has been nearly 13 years since I launched the original Purlem, and I'm so grateful for what it has provided for our family.

It's been my life's work. My pride-and-joy. We'll... at least it was until 4 little kids somehow popped into my life in quick succession! 😳 But I digress.

Here is a quick video introducing you to the new Purlem. In this short video, I walk you through the basics of navigating the new dashboard and creating a campaign.  Most of the features remain the same from the original Purlem. But this new version is built on a new development framework and server, which lays the foundation for some awesome new things in the future.  

For those that have been with Purlem for years, thank you for your support! And for those new to Purlem, welcome! I look forward to embarking on this new phase of Purlem with all of you!

When you're ready to start diving in, you can reference the Quick Start Guide which will help get you up and running with your first PURL campaign in minutes.

Marty Thomas

Marty THomas

Hi, I'm Marty. Founder and developer here at Purlem. I started Purlem back in 2009 as the first DIY Personal URL solution. Over the last decade I've helped thousands of companies create beautiful and effective Personalized URL marketing campaigns. When I'm not on the computer, I'm trying to be a farmer.