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V 2.0 A New & Improved Purlem

Direct Mail Tracking w/ Personal URLs

See exactly who responds to your direct mail campaigns, automate follow up, and personalize landing pages using Personal URLs (PURLs)

The #1 personalized url software trusted by 3,285 companies, including...
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Carly for America
Roto Rooter
Texas A&M

Turn prospects into customers

Use your mailing list to personalize your website content with a click of a button. From auto-populating forms, to variable content, personalization creates a better - more seamless - experience for your visitors. This ultimately increases conversions by giving visitors what they want faster.

"Purlem is a great, easy-to-use source for pURLs! What I liked best was the ease of use and reporting dynamics. I was able to quickly learn the program and tailor to my company's needs."

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Stop wasting money on ineffective marketing campaigns

Know exactly who is responding to your marketing, and track your campaign performance. Real-time data on customer responses allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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Help your customers get better results

Know who is visiting your website even if they don't submit a form. Send real-time alerts to your sales team for immediate follow up to make sure they don't slip away. Or push visitors into your favorite CRM or Marketing Automation platform.

"Great platform, easy to understand pricing, good integration, some of the best support we've encountered."

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We've been using Purlem for several years now to execute our PURL campaigns. I have used MindFire, XMPie, JFM, and EasyPurl. Purlem saved me a ton of money and development time, and is a great product.

Zachary Wood
Marketing Manager

This is a really simple, user-friendly solution for using PURLs in your marketing campaigns. Just a few easy steps, and if you have any issues, the team at PURLEM is right there to help. I worked with Marty, who guided me through the process (being a newbie to this), and he was kind and patient, and extremely helpful.

Sheila Papps
Digital Marketing at W. O'Donnell Consulting, Inc.