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Your Service Team Guy

We are a really small company. Like, really small. Like, it's just me.

Marty Thomas

Founder / Developer

Hi, I'm Marty. Founder and developer here at Purlem. I started Purlem back in 2009 as the first DIY Personal URL solution. Over the last decade I've helped thousands of companies create beautiful and effective Personalized URL marketing campaigns. When I'm not on the computer, I'm trying to be a farmer.

Frequently asked questions

Is really free?
It is really free for up to 10 contacts. You can stay on the free plan forever. When/if you need more than 10 contacts, you can upgrade at that time.
Can I cancel at any time?
Yup. There are no contracts or commitments. You simply pay month-to-month.
Where is the Landing Page hosted?
It's up to you. With our purlpage domains we host the landing page for you. You can also use the FTP Install to host on your server.
What exactly does "10,000 Contacts" get me?
You can have up to 10,000 contacts in your account at any given time. Deleting contacts frees up space to add new contacts. Every contact is given their own unique Personalized URL and optional personalized landing page.
Is my information secure?
You bet. Purlem is hosted on a secure, world class data center and is backed up on an hourly basis.
Can I change plans at any time?
Of course! Simply click on the 'My Account' link in your dashboard and you'll see your options.