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Everything you need

And none of the things you don't.

How it works

Upload your spreadsheet of contacts into Purlem. Personalized URLs for each contact will automatically be created.
Use one of our templates, or work directly through the HTML. Personalize to each visitor with variable text and images.
Send out the Personalized URLs to your contacts via Email or Direct Mail. Use your service providers of choice.
See exactly who is visting their personalized url in real-time. Track their responses, and be alerted of activity.

Features that make it possible


Easily use your own domain or subdomain with your PURLs: yourdomain.com/Joe.Smith sub.yourdomain.com/Joe.Smith
Or choose a provided purlpage.com subdomain: your.purlpage.com/Joe.Smith

PURL Formats

Generate PURLs using any contact field (name, address, company, etc), in a variety of formats:
domain.com/Joe.Smith 123MainSt.domain.com domain.com/XYZCorp

Visitor Tracking

See exactly who responds to their PURL along with:
  • Visit Date/Time
  • Pages Visited
  • IP Address
  • Device & Browser Data

Personalized QR Codes

Generate unique QR Codes for each one of your contacts. Track who scans the QR Codes, and display personalized content to each visitor.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields to store account-specific data, and use that data to enhance website personalization. For example, if you know the contact's gender, a *|GENDER|* custom field can be used to personalize the website based on the visitor's gender.

Upload Contacts

Easily drag/drop your contact list into Purlem. By default, PURLs will generate from the contact's first and last name.

Export Contacts

Exporting the contacts will provide a new spreadsheet including the contact's PURLs. Send this to your printer and/or email provider to distribute.

PURL Deduplication

Ensure that all PURLs are unique through automatic deduplication. For example, if you have three "Joe Smith"s in your mailing list, their PURLs will be made unique with a random 3 digit identifier. domain.com/Joe.Smith domain.com/Joe.Smith256 domain.com/Joe.Smith745


With Purlem’s Zapier integration you can automate tasks based on a contact’s action on your website. Create a to do, get an alert or even send prospects a customized email.

Client Accounts

Manage multiple clients under a single account. Each client account can have their own login and dashboard to manage their campaigns. Client accounts are free to add.

Email Alerts

Get notified via email in real time when somebody visits their PURL.