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Create Personalized Pages

You have full control of the HTML to modify your Personalized URL page however you see fit.

Easily add variable text and images that will be unique to each visitor using the landing page editor. And create pre-populated questionnaires and surveys in minutes with the form generator.


Personal URL Page Example InstantPURL™ Technology!

Now it only takes seconds to create your PURL Campaign.

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Personal URL Page ExampleDesign your Landing Page

Purlem's Landign Page Editor makes it easy to both design and personalize your landing page to the visitor. Advanced designers can work directly through the HTML.

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Personal URL Page ExampleEasily personalize the page

To add personalized content the the page, it's as easy as selecting the desired content from a dropdown menu.


Display unique images for each visitor

Easily assign to each visitor a unique image. When the purl page is visited, the appropriate image from each visitor will magically appear. Now that's just cool!

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Personal URL Page Example

Create forms with a few clicks

Purlem's landing page form generator allows you to easily create questionnaires, surveys, and contact forms with only a few clicks of the mouse. Pre-populate the forms to make it easier for your visitors to complete.