PURLs Made Easy

Easily create beautiful Personalized URL marketing campaigns.

1. Upload Contacts

Upload your spreadsheet of contacts into Purlem. Personalized URLs for each contact will automatically be created.

2. Design & Personalize

Use one of our templates, or work directly through the HTML. Personalize to each visitor with variable text and images.

3. Broadcast

Send out the Personalized URLs to your contacts via Email or Direct Mail. Use your service providers of choice.

Beautiful Reporting

See exactly who responds to their PURL.
Collect valuable customer data from online questionnaires.
Send real-time email alerts to your sales team.

Highly Recommended

Primarily through word-of-mouth, Purlem has become the world’s fastest growing Personalized URL tool. See what some of our fans have to say...

I have used MindFire, XMPie, JFM, and EasyPurl. Purlem saved me a ton of money and development time, and is a great product.

— Zachary Wood

The Purlem team solves my most challenging campaign architecture. Instant measurable results. Hassle free.

— Emeric McCleary

Purlem is a great marketing tool that is easy to use. I can say Purlem provides the best support/customer service I've gotten from any business or individual.

— Steven Daar

Purlem is easy to use, and powerful enough to do what any high-priced PURLs system can do.

— Sid Smith

Pay As You Go

With Purlem there are no licensing fees or hidden costs.
Pay month-to-month, only when you have a live campaign.
Upgrade, downgrade or cancel as needed.

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