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Magically boost response rates & track exactly who visits.

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Upload Contacts


One easy upload will automatically create Personalized URLs (PURLs) for everybody in your mailing list.
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Personalize Website


Personalize the landing page content to each visitor. Start with a single design template and personalize to fit your needs.
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Capture Information


Create surveys using Purlem's Personal URL Software. Provide relevant content in response to the visitor's answers.
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Track Results


See exactly who visits their personalized landing page in real-time. Be notified with Email alerts, Generate leads, and follow-up.
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A few of our Raving Fans
I have used MindFire, XMPie, JFM, and EasyPurl. Purlem saved me a ton of money and development time, and is a great product.
— Zachary Wood
Purlem is exactly what I was looking for in a PURL solution! The product is great and the support is even better.
— Geoffrey Wise
Purlem has opened new doors for our marketing firm with tracking responses for direct mail and web marketing via e-mails.
— Eric Palhof
It's easy to use, and powerful enough to do what any high-priced PURLs system can do.
— Sid Smith