Personalizing Existing Pages

It's easy to personalize an existing website with Purlem. To do so, add the following to the <head> section of every page that you would like to track and/or personalize:

<script src=''></script>

Then, use the following to display the PURL's page content and form:

<purl page="content"></purl>
<purl page="form"></purl>


PURL tags can be also used to display visitor data.

<purl field="FIRST_NAME"></purl>

Merge Tags

You can also use merge tags to dynamically insert personalized content. Merge can be added within any of the followign html tags h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, li.

<p>Hi |*FIRST_NAME*|</p>

Variable Images

Merge tags can also be used within the src attribute of img tags, allowing you to display variable images based on the visitor's profile.

<img src="path/to/img/|*COMPANY*|.png" />


The p-show directive provides an expressive way to show and hide DOM elements based on the visitor's profile.

<div p-show="COMPANY">
    Your company is known...
<div p-show="COMPANY=ABC Corp">
    Your company is ABC Corp...