Personal URL Video Tutorials

Getting Started

New Campaign - instantPurl
Walks you through the process of creating your first PURL Campaign with Purlem using instantPurl.

New Campaign - Using Your Domain
Create a campaign using your Domain Name.

Domain & Hosting Setup
A step by step guide on purchase a domain name and hosting to work with Purlem.

Modify Landing Page

Personalize Landing Page Content
Personalize the content area of the landing page to the visitor.

Landing Page Editor
Purlem's Landing Page editor makes is easy to not only design your landing page, but to also personalize it to your visitor.

Modify Landing Page Design - HTML
Purlem's No Template option allows you to modify the design of the landing page directly through the HTML.

Add Pages to Campaign
Adding multiple pages to your PURL Landing Page sequence with Purlem's Landing Page Editor.

Using Variable Images
Variable images change depending on who visiting the Personalized URL landing page

Add Video to Personal URL Pages
Adding video to a Personal URL page with Purlem.

Advaced Form Submit
Purlem's Advanced Form Submit options make it possible to redirect visitor's to specific PURL pages based on answers to questions.

Purlem If Statements
If Statements allow you to set "rules" on your landing page to display specific information depending on information associated with the visitor.


Personalized Response Emails
Response Emails are auto-generated emails that are triggered to send with a person visits their PURL.


Upload Multiple Contacts
Upload multiple contacts with a CSV file.

Exporting Contacts and Results
Exporting Contacts and Results. Contains PURLs and landing page history.


Landing Page Alert Settings
Set landing page alerts on your Personalized URL pages to notify you when somebody visits the page.


Copy Campaign Settings
Export then Import an existing PURL Campaign to copy. Retains all settings from previous campaign.

Purlem Personal URL Wordpress Plugin
Transform your wordpress blog into a fully functional Personalized URL (PURL) campaign with Purlem Wordpress Plugin.

Purlem's Infusionsoft Integration
Purlem's Infusionsoft Integration allows you to sync your contacts and results with Infusionsoft.