Why PURLs?

Download the data sheet for a brief overview of PURL Marketing including...

  • Example Campaigns
  • Statistics
  • Benefits of PURLs

Download Why PURLs Data Sheet

When you hear your name mentioned across the room, does it grab your attention?

As Dale Carnegie says - “A person’s name is to that person the most important sound in any language.”

The bottom line is that personalizing marketing efforts to your recipients gets their attention. In 2012, Caslon completed a study that found that personalized campaigns will outperform static campaigns by 4 times on average. Using PURLs is an easy way to add personalization to your current static marketing campaign and make messages more relevant.

We've compiled this easy-to-reference data sheet on how PURLs are an indispensable tactic for marketers. The data sheet is complete with examples, statistics and resources which highlights such topics as:

Download the PURL marketing data sheet to learn more about how PURLs are changing the game.

Download the Why PURLs Data Sheet