PURL Marketing for Healthcare

Download the data sheet to see how other healthcare marketers use Personalized URLs to...

  • Generate Awareness
  • Measure Quality of Care
  • Improve Patient Communication

Download Healthcare Data Sheet

In an era of changing policies and budgetary constraints for health care marketers, innovation and personalization have become the bedrock of a cost-effective and results-effective marketing campaign. Personalized URLs, or PURLs, are a crucial part of this personalized marketing effort, and Purlem is the perfect solution for your personalized marketing needs.

Here are some of the ways PURLs will help drastically increase the response and conversion rates in your next campaign:

But why use PURLs in your marketing campaign at all? What are some specific ways we can help boost your sales and response rates?

We've compiled this easy-to-reference data sheet on how PURLs are an indispensable tactic for health care marketers, complete with case study statistics and resources that will make anyone a believer in direct mail marketing again.

Download the Education Data Sheet