PURL Marketing for Auto Guys

Download the data sheet to see how other auto marketers use Personalized URLs to...

  • Drive more qualified leads
  • Sell more cars
  • Generate more service customers

Download Auto Data Sheet

You want to sell more cars. You want to make a pitch for your dealership that isn’t stale or ineffective. You want the ability to engage with your service customers through event triggered marketing.

All this and more is now possible by using Personalized URLs in your next marketing campaign. With Personalized URLs (or PURLs), you can create a unique webpage for every person in your DMS or CRM database. On this unique website, you can do things such as:

We've compiled this easy-to-reference data sheet on how PURLs are an indispensable tactic for automotive marketers. The data sheet is complete with case studies, statistics and resources which highlights such topics as:

Download the automotive marketing data sheet to learn more about how PURLs are changing the game.

Download the Automotive Data Sheet