Ultimate PURL Case Study Directory

Find more than 150 PURL case studies sorted by industry, with an easy-to-read overview of each campaign’s...

  • Goal
  • List
  • Offer
  • Creative

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Whether you’re launching your 1st or 47th campaign using Personalized URLs (PURLs), case studies can offer indispensable insight into what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we’ve compiled the most complete directory of PURL case studies to date.

Introducing the Ultimate PURL Case Study Directory, and it’s yours to Download for Free today.

Inside this campaign compendium, you’ll find more than 150 PURL case studies sorted by industry, with an easy to read overview of each campaign’s Goal, List, Offer, and Creative content.

What’s more, we’ve included each campaign’s Response and Conversion Rates to show how effectively each one performed.

Industries you’ll find included in the directory include:

- Auto
- B2B
- Construction
- Education
- Entertainment
- Financial Services/Banking
- Healthcare
- Hospitality
- Manufacturing
- Non-Profit
- Printing Services
- Publishing
- Restaurant
- Retail

With this birds-eye view of the best and worst of PURL campaigns, you can navigate the choppy marketing waters with a steadier hand than ever.

We hope you enjoy The Ultimate PURL Case Study Directory– and please let us know how it treats you!

Download Case Study Directory