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I've used Purlem on a number of occasions and I've had some of the best results ever.
— Bill Thomas
The platform that Purlem offers is incredibily simple to use at a price you can't beat.
— Pamela Geller
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Personalized Landing Pages

Easily add unique text and images for each visitor. Create pre-populated questionnaires and surveys in minutes. Modify the landing page design directly through the HTML.

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Beautiful Reports

Great looking reports that let you measure the effectiveness of your campaign in real-time. Instantly send email alerts to your sales team for quick follow up.

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Auto-Create PURLs

Upload a spreadsheet of contacts and watch how PURLs are automatically created for each person. We'll even check for duplicates.

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Personalized QR Codes

QR Codes enable your contacts to visit their PURL by scanning the QR Code with their phone's camera. QR codes are automatically created for every contact.

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Brandable Dashboard

Create your own branded purl marketing app in minutes. Change the color scheme, add your logo, and let your clients login from your own website. Use the Results API to create a branded results page hosted on your domain.

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Response Emails

Schedule response emails to send when a visitor hits a particular page. Add personalized elements to the email just as you would the landing page.

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Real-Time Alerts

Create email alerts to be sent to the appropriate sales person based on landing page activity. There is no limit to the number of alerts you can send.