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Manage Contacts

We take all of the pain out of generating PURLs.

With Purlem you can easily upload a spreadsheet of contacts. PURLs will be automatically created and we'll check for duplicates to ensure each contact gets their very own PURL.

Upload Personalized URLs

Upload Multiple Contacts

With Purlem it is easy to upload multiple contacts using a spreadsheet (csv) file. Once contacts are uploaded Personalized URLs (PURLs) are generated for each contact.

videoWatch an overview of uploading contacts

Personal URL Page Example

Duplicate PURLs

Purlem will notify you if duplicate contacts are found, and give you the opportunity to make each contact unique with suggested PURLs.


Export Contacts

Upload Personalized URLs

When you export contacts the will be saved in a spreadsheet file that will contain each contact's PURL. You can send this file to your printer to be used when creating your promotional pieces.

videoWatch an overview of exporting contacts


Transfer Contacts

Need to move your contacts to a different campaign? Select one contact or multiple based on activity, and transfer with only a few clicks.

Personal URL Contact Custom Fields

Add Custom Fields

With Purlem you are not limited to the fields we provide. Add an unlimited number of custom fields to use in your personalized landing pages. You can manually add custom fields for each contact, or define when you upload multiple contacts.


Delete Contacts

Delete a single contact or multiple based on landing page activity. When you delete a contact the PURL will also be deleted.