New from the Twitter Dude…

A neat little payment processing system from the guy that created twitter. Picture 2

Looks interesting. Do you think it will ever catch on? If so there could be some pretty interesting opportunities for marketing with the system. It could take personalized marketing to an entirely new level.

Good search engine marketing idea

I just ran across a good idea for search engine marketing. HelpSpot is an open source help desk software. If you search Google for “open source help desk software” you will see that their company doesn’t come up, but a review site does: . And guess what, HelpSpot is the “Sponsor.”… More like HelpSpot quickly through up this review website, made themselves the sponsor, and now ranks number 1 for their top keyword. Not a bad idea! Would only take an hour to implement something like this. I think I’m going to give this a try…

Augmented Reality

I was just introduced to Augmented Reality today. My initial thought was “Well thats great.. but your going to look goofy wearing those glasses everywhere you go!”  But you don’t have to!  There are already iPhone apps being developed that allow you to view augmented reality through your phone.  Imagine the use in conjunction with yelp.  You point your phone down a downtown street full of restaurants, and you see reviews of each restaurant magically appear. I don’t  know. Maybe that would never catch on.  I would probably rather just look at a google map for that.

But what I’m more concerned with is how you can use this as a marketing tool.  How is augmented reality going to take form in the future, and in what ways could it be used to market your product or service? And could it be used somehow with Personal URLs? Well this will give me something to think about for a while!

Check out how Esquire used the technology:

Todays office

Found this great little coffee shop on chesapeake bay. Will do nicely as my office for the day. No… That’s not a beer.

Need I say more?

“Personalized, full-color direct-marketing campaigns are recession fighters; we’ve seen our customers and their clients succeed in these tough economic times with highly-targeted, customized projects that touch the consumer in a personal, direct way,” said Shelley Sweeney, vice president, Direct Mail and Service Bureau Segment, Xerox Corporation.

Personalize your website to visitors with personal URLs.

In this tutorial I use Purlem to transform an existing web page into a personal URL page, that greets the visitor by their name, and allows the company to track who visits the website.

Personalize your website to visitors with personal URLs.

Personal URL website

Another Personalized URL Landing Page Example

Here is another example of how a private country club in Florida used Personalized URLs to attract new members. They used a sequence of several landing pages to gradually lead the visitor to enter their email to receive their “gift.”

Personalized URL Landing Page

Personalized URL Landing Page Example

Below is an example of a Purlem personalized url landing page created by one of my clients. Using Purlem’s campaign import/export feature, he can easily copy the entire campaign and landing page to new client accounts. He can then make minor alterations for each client, and he is up and running. This feature alone has saved him thousands of dollars on each campaign.

Picture 1

Testimonials for Purlem’s Personal URL Site

Purlem is much more than a personal URL system as we organize our clients marketing to manage their prospects. It is the simplest solution we have used that integrates with our cross-media campaigns. They are constantly advancing and improving the technology to adapt to our needs. Great service as well and very responsive.

As a programmer myself looking for a solution that I could incorporate in my products for my customers I have to honestly say I think I have met my match. As I said to you, I will use your PURL solution instead of programming our own. You have created a product that is not only user friendly, it is user minded. Your support staff are all hired if they decide to leave you, which I doubt they ever will. Thanks Marty… Heres to long term relationships!!