The Powerful Landing Page

Studies show that more than 42% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online, so landing pages provide a convenient response option.

Using Purlém you will be able to easily create landing pages with data specific to the person viewing the page. Purlém will also track each visitor and instantly notify you of their activity via email or SMS text message.

Other benefits of using landing pages:

  • Quickly generate sales leads. No need to wait around for BRC mail-ins or call center activity reporting.
  • Leverage the valuable information gathered from landing pages to continually enhance subsequent offers to better match your prospect’s profile in order to deliver more timely and relevant offers.

ATTN: Print Service Providers: Discover a New Technology That You Can’t Afford to Ignore.

Today, strict accountability is being asked of all marketing efforts as businesses look to cut costs and preserve the economic return of their marketing efforts. This comes after years of relatively uninhibited expenditures on mass print and broadcast advertising, where the effects of the advertising are difficult to link to specific purchasing behavior.

A sophisticated Personal URL (PURL) program can be the solution to the accountability that executives demand today. A PURL is able to track responses and report back with valuable analytic data such as who responded, when they responded, and whether a conversion was made.

Print service providers who have PURL technology can change their target market from print buyers to the marketing and advertising executives themselves. The reason: Print buyers are only concerned with procuring print at the right price. They typically have five to seven providers who regularly send them quotes. On the other hand, marketing and advertising executives are concerned with driving the company’s success through marketing efforts that are not only effective, but also accountable.

Give the executives a solution to their problem, and you are no longer just one of five to seven print providers bidding for the business. You are the one and only solution to their problem. You’re not just ahead of your competition… you’ve put yourself on a completely different level.

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** Patricia Source. “Data-Driven Print”

Take Five Seconds to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates.

Surveys show that every second, minute, hour, and day that goes by without contacting an interested prospect will result in a proportional loss of interest, subsequently reducing the chance of converting that person into a customer.

The best way to skyrocket your conversion rates is to integrate quick follow-up practices into your sales strategy. This, however, can be quite the task for businesses ranging from several to thousands of sales people.

42% of people prefer to respond to marketing messages online versus picking up the phone. When one of the 42% visits your website, and requests more information, where does that request go? Are you able to follow up immediately to the inquiry?

The solution: Implement quick follow up practices that give your sales people a tool to instantly put the lead into their pocket. Personal URLs allow real-time tracking of visitors to your website, with information on their activity there. This information will be sent immediately to the correct sales personnel, based on geography, via email or sms text message. No matter where the salesperson may be, he will be able to respond quickly to any online activity.

Stop losing sales due to slow response times. Start using Personal URLs to monitor and instantly respond to online visitors in order to convert more sales.

* Direct Marketing Association “2007 Statistical Fact Book”

Decreasing Junk Mail Improves Our Environment…and Increases Your ROI

Did you know that we each get about 40 pounds of direct mail each year? 50% of which we discard, totaling over 4 million tons of paper wasted annually. 4 MILLION TONS!

Mass mailings have escalated the paper entering this country’s solid waste stream from 55 million tons in 1980 to 85.3 million tons in 2006.

Thousands of print marketers are doing their part to lessen this massive problem by simply printing less. Yes, you heard me right… They’re printing less! They are using new digital printing and database technology to send customized mailings to a more targeted consumer. The customized mailings, in turn, provide the marketer with substantially higher response rates and improved ROI.

One way of customizing your mailing is with the Personal URL. This strategy alone has dramatically increased response rates for hundreds of Green marketers, allowing them to print less and make more.

87% of Marketers Are Doing This. Are You?

For the first time in over 60 years of detailed record-keeping, U.S. marketers
reduced direct mail investment in 2008, spending a total of $56.7 billion on preparation, production and postage connected to their mail efforts — a drop of 3.0 percent from 2007 spending. The current economic climate, combined with rising postage rates, has caused direct mail’s influence as a high-volume, mass-oriented response driver to all but vanish into thin air.

The trend away from mass to targeted marketing is quickly gaining momentum as marketers begin to look for more efficient ways to generate sales. When a group of service providers were asked which tools or priorities would grow in importance in 2009, 87% indicated Digital/Online Integration (Including the use of Personal URLs).

The old school 1.3% response rate is simply not cutting it for a majority of industries today. The solution is targeted marketing with Personal URLs that will result in dramatically-increased response rates and incredible tracking capabilities.

* Winterberry Group, A Channel in Transformation:Vertical Market Trends in Direct Mail 2009

One Word Can Dramatically Increase Your Response Rates.

We have all been there… completely engaged in a conversation, seemingly ignoring everything around us. Then a voice from across the room, in a normal tone, cuts through the clutter. Someone has mentioned your name and instantly your attention turns to the other conversation. It’s nearly impossible to resist this distraction!

Now smart marketers are able to harness this attention-grabbing power of a prospect or customer’s name in their marketing material with Personal URLs (PURLs).

Personal URLs contain the first and last name of a customer or prospect in a URL. (ex: When Mike receives this piece with his name creatively displayed in a URL, it grabs his attention, and curiosity drives him to respond.

Take a look at the 2004 report from PIA/GATF’s Digital Printing Council. Their study reports that response rates for a customized color direct mail campaign ranged from 6% to 75%, with an average of 21%! Compare that to traditional direct mail’s response rate hovering around 1.3%.

Marketers that utilize customized mailing technology (including PURLs) see an average of 14 times the response rates!

*Interquest, “Variable data imaging Opportunities with Digital Printing Presses”

The Bottom Line

So you agree with me that Personal URLs could possibly increase your response rates. But what is really the true value of the Personal URL for a business.

I see the true value of Personal URLs being the ability to capture the “B Prospects.” B Prospects are those prospects that are intrigued enough by your offer to visit your their Personal URL, but they are not quite ready to pick up the phone. With Personal URLs you can track who these B Prospects are, and take action to push these B Prospects along your sales cycle.

In traditional Direct Mail advertising, the call-to-action is a phone number. “Take advantage of our special offer today! Call us at 555-555-5555!” But in this case, only your “A Prospects,” those ready to purchase your produce or service will respond. What about all those people out there that received your mailing, and are intrigued by your product or service, but are just not ready to make the purchase? Give these prospects a non-threatening way to respond, and gather more information and they will! These prospects don’t want to pick up the phone just yet. A phone can be a very threatening thing for some people. But they will certainly visit their Personal URL website. And when they do.. Wa La! You will instantly know who they are.

Give a prospect a non-threatening way to respond to your direct mail piece, and you will collect all those “B Prospects” out there who are intrigued by your offer, but would simply like more information. With this valuable information in hand, you can send additional mailings, offers, or gifts to these “B Prospects” to push them along your sales cycle.

I believe that just knowing who these “B Prospects” are, is the most valuable aspect of Personal URLs for business of any size.

Using Microsoft Word to create a Personal URL letter

It is easy to create a direct-mail letter that utilizes personal URLs with Microsoft Word’s Data Merge feature. These directions are based of off Microsoft Word 2004 for Mac. So they might differ slightly depending on the version of Word that you are using.

  1. Create a Microsoft Excel file of your mailing list. The mailing list should contain all the mailing information for each one of your prospects. The first and last names should be on separate columns.
  2. Open Microsoft Word and create a new document
  3. Open the “Data Merge Manager” tool box (Tools > Data Merge Manager)
  4. In the “Main Document” drop down, select Create > Form Letters
  5. In the “Data Source” drop down, select Get Data > Open Data Source. Select your mailing list that you have saved as a Microsoft Excel document.
  6. Select the Entire Workbook, and click “OK”
  7. The column titles in your mailing list are now visible in the “Merge Field” drop down.
  8. To create the Personal URL for each person on the mailing list, simply type your URL “” and then drag the first name from the “Merge Field” drop down to just after your URL, followed by the last name.
  9. Place a period between the first and last name.
  10. To preview each Personal URL, simply click on the “Preview” drop down, and click the arrows to navigate through each mailing list recipient.