Purlem Video Tutorials

Purlem now has an extensive library of video tutorials to walk users through every process of creating a sophisticated Personal URL (PURL) campaign.

Video tutorials have also been integrated into the Personal URL Dashboard.  Links to the personal url video tutorials will automatically appear throughout the dashbaord for all new account holders.  They will not appear for Pro user’s accounts to prevent users from seeing the ‘Purlem’ name.

Getting Started

Creating a PURL Campaign
Walks you through the process of creating your first PURL Campaign with Purlem.

Personalize Landing Page Content
Personalize the content area of the landing page to the visitor.

Domain & Hosting Setup
A step by step guide on purchase a domain name and hosting to work with Purlem.

Modify Landing Page

Modify Landing Page Form
Modify the Personal URL Landing Page form.

Modify Landing Page Design
Modify the landing page design. Background in HTML and CSS recommended.

Add Pages to Campaign
Add additional pages to your PURL campaigns.

Using Variable Images
Variable images change depending on who visiting the Personalized URL landing page

Add Video to Personal URL Pages
Adding video to a Personal URL page with Purlem.


Personalized Response Emails
Auto-Reply Emails sent to visitors when they visit their Personalized URL.

Email Entire Campaign
Send personalized emails to every contact in a campaign.


Upload Multiple Contacts

Upload multiple contacts with a CSV file.

Exporting Contacts and Results
Exporting Contacts and Results. Contains PURLs and landing page history.


Landing Page Alert Settings
Set landing page alerts on your Personalized URL pages to notify you when somebody visits the page.

PURL Security Settings
Personalized URL Security Options. Auto Populate forms and Password Protection options.


Copy Campaign Settings
Export then Import an existing PURL Campaign to copy. Retains all settings from previous campaign.

Whitelabel Dashboard
Customize Purlem’s dashboard to your corporate image by adding you logo and modifying the color settings. Also allow your clients to login to the dashboard from you website.

New Lower Prices for Purlem

Effective today, Purlem’s Personalized URL platform has reverted back to its original pricing; $199/mo for Pro and $79/mo for Plus.

The reason for the change is the new subscriptions drastically dropped since we raised the prices a few months ago.  Reverting back to the old prices will hopefully pick up new subscriptions.

WordPress PURL – Personalized URL

UPDATE: Now its even easier to integreate Purlem with WordPress with the new Purlem Personal URL WordPress Plugin!

Finally!  You can now tie Purlem’s Personal URL application into WordPress themes.  After several requests for this feature, I slightly tweaked Purlem and added a tutorial on how to Tie in Purlem with WordPress.

The biggest benefit of doing this is that you can select from the thousand of wordpress designs to use as your Personalized URL Landing page!

I hope to create a wordpress plugin… but for now this should do the trick for those that don’t want to wait.

Wordpress Personalized URL

Automatically Create PURLs though your website form.

Purlem now allows you to automatically create new Personalized URLs through your landing page form.  Now anybody that requests information through your site, can be forwarded to their web page personalized specifically to them.  It would also allow you to conveniently insert new contacts into your PURL campaigns from your site.

This is accomplished with Purlem’s API.  Before you begin using Purlem’s API you will need to do two things:
1) Request an API Token from Purlem.
2) Inform Purlem of the website where the form will be hosted.

With an active API account, you simply have to have the form on your website submit the information to Purlem’s API, and the contacts will be inserted into the appropriate campaign.

Learn more on the forum here: Personalized URL Forum

PURL Email Drafts

Added a new feature to Purlem today that allows you to save email drafts. Previously, there was no way for you to save an email that was to go out to the entire campaign.  Now you can press the ‘Save Draft’ button, and the email will be saved for future use.  Access the email drafts by clicking on “Drafts” in light blue email menu.