CASE STUDY: Announces Innovative New MailChimp Integration.

Inviting prospects and clients to view a personalized landing page has never been easier. As part of their latest update, now allows its users to automatically import their MailChimp contacts into the innovative Purlem platform. 

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Chicago, IL – Study after study is proving that personalized URLs rocket both click-through rates and conversions. Now, as part of their latest update, is delighted to announce full integration with MailChimp.

The new partnership allows Purlem users to automatically import contacts stored within MailChimp, instantly creating personalized URLs for each contact. With the system then immediately sending the URLs back to MailChimp, users are able to continue their email marketing efforts with compelling new power.

“With the Mailchimp integration, email marketers no longer have an excuse to keep using generic links in their campaigns,” explains Martin Thomas, Founder of

He continues, “The process of transferring PURLs to and from an email marketing platform used to take marketers hours.  With the new MailChimp integration, it takes seconds.”

The ethos behind’s offering is simple; people would much rather click on a link that contains their name, over a generic link that looks just like ‘everything else’. What was once can now become – making an instant connection with the user and drastically increasing the likelihood that they will click through.

In order to quantify these results, many institutions have commissioned studies into the concept of personalized URLs. As expected, the results are staggering.

“It is not unusual for a PURL to increase click through rates by 50 – 100 percent. While it does vary from campaign to campaign, there is a rock-solid trend that indicates adding a PURL will not only engage a prospect, but lead them to trust you and build subconscious rapport. All of this vital when making a sale,” Thomas adds.

In terms of the company’s latest MailChimp integration announcement, Thomas makes it clear that this is just the beginning of a whole host of upcoming partnerships.

“This is just one more step towards our initiative of making ever marketers’ life easier by integrating Purlem with every major marketing tool on the web,” he concludes.

To find out more about how Purlem seamlessly integrates with MailChimp, please watch this informative YouTube video.

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PRESS RELEASE: Announces New Personalized URL Outbound Link Tracking Feature.

Personalized URLs are leading a diverse range of businesses to higher conversions, stronger customer retention and ultimately higher bottom line profits., an innovator in the world of personalized URLs, today announces its new outbound link tracking feature.

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Chicago, IL – PURLs (Personalized URLs) are rapidly helping marketers around the world increase their conversion rates by directly connecting with each individual member of their audience., a leading provider of PURLs, is today taking this technology to the next level with their innovative outbound link tracking feature.

The company has been leading the PURL movement with its ability to allow marketers to send their web users to pages which are fully personalized to them, complete with a personalized URL ( However, today’s announcement is poised to give marketers an even more powerful inside track on their visitor’s behaviour, by tracking outbound link clicks

“The ability to track outbound links can be a critical piece of analytic data in a PURL campaign.” “With Purlem’s new outbound link tracking, you can now see who clicks on a link, when they clicked, and the link’s destination.” Says Martin Thomas, Founder of

Everything happens behind the scenes, requiring no work on the part of the campaign administrator.

Thomas explains why the feature was implemented:

“We added the feature in response to an overwhelming number of requests from our users. Now, when somebody visits their own PURL Landing Page, you can already see who visits, and when they visit, but their level of engagement was previously not tracked. By adding outbound link tracking, Purlem is taking a step towards tracking a visitor’s engagement with the landing page” he adds.

Every plan will benefit from outbound link tracking and existing users will get access to the feature automatically.

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About Purlem

Purlem is a web-based application that enables companies to develop new business with Personalized URLs. A Personalized URL, or “PURL,” is a unique website personalized to each prospect or customer. PURLs are known to substantially increase response rates and overall marketing effectiveness. With a focus on being affordable and easy to use, Purlem has become the fastest growing Personalized URL platform in the world.


PRESS RELEASE: Purlem Announces Partnership with American Printer Magazine.

Following huge success with their personalized URL and landing page service, today announces an exclusive partnership with American Printer Magazine.

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American Printer MagazineChicago, IL – has already made its mark on the marketing landscape with its unique personalized URL and landing page service. Taking this concept one step farther down the path of technology, American Printer Magazine is utilizing the power of Purlem to tie their physical magazine to the online world – providing each reader with a personalized publication.

In light of this, Purlem is today announcing a new partnership with the OutputLinks Communications Group, parent company of American Printer magazine.

Purlem’s services are an integral component of the OutputLinks Communications Group’s new B2MeMagazineTM platform. The platform which was used to re-launch the company’s American Printer magazine provides subscribers a personalized 1:1 experience by integrating the power of print with database, social media, mobile and web technologies.

The integrated technology puts the power and control of personalized media into the hand of each of the magazine’s readers. By scanning one of several QR codes or visiting a personalized URL, readers are able to directly engage with the publication’s advertisers, publishers and contributing authors.

The OutputLinks Communications Group team formed their partnership with Purlem in an effort to energize offline print magazines with the freedom and opportunities of the online world. By using technology developed by Purlem, The B2MeMagazine platform creates a series of 1:1 QR codes and personalized URLs that allow print magazines to truly come to life.

“American Printer began serving the print industry in 1883. When we heard it was going to shut down, our team felt this print industry icon deserved to live. So we bought it and set about  giving it new life by using the full power of today’s integrated, interactive  print technology,” said Andy and Julie Plata, co-CEOs of OutputLinks Communications Group.

“It has been a true pleasure to work with the team at American Printer,” says Martin Thomas, Purlem’s founder. “Their B2Me Magazine platform is a true game changer.  I don’t think we’re ever going to look at magazines the same way again.”

American Printer’s initial B2Me issue contained twenty percent personalized content. Personalization will increase with each subsequent issue, with an aim to provide a 100% B2MeMagazine format soon thereafter.

“To see this 130 year-old magazine, that I have been associated with for over 15 years, come to new life is truly amazing,” says Katherine O’Brien, American Printer’s senior editor. “With Purlem’s technology and the OutputLinks Communications Group’s vision, I see a great future for American Printer”.


Purlem is a web-based application that enables companies to develop new business with Personalized URLs. A Personalized URL, or “PURL,” is a unique website personalized to each prospect or customer. PURLs are known to substantially increase response rates and overall marketing effectiveness. With a focus on being affordable and easy to use, Purlem has become the fastest growing Personalized URL platform in the world.

About American Printer
American Printer, an OutputLinks Communications Group division provides printers and graphic arts professionals perspectives on the business trends and technical innovations that are shaping the printing industry. American Printer’s printed magazine delivers in-depth news, management, prepress, press and postpress related articles to its 26,000+ subscribers. In addition, every issue provides real-life examples of database, social media, web and mobile technologies integrated with the latest in print technology. American Printer endeavors to foster an interactive relationship between subscribers, advertisers and columnists by transforming B2B monologues into 1:1, B2MeTM dialogues. Visit

About OutputLinks Communications Group
OutputLinks Communications Group, the parent organization of American Printer, is a growing set of global business divisions, narrow-casting to various components of the corporate communication ecosphere. Each division incorporates a centralized, collaborative, non-competitive forum, utilizing web portals, publications, social media, segment-specific search engines and related research tools. The OutputLinks Communications Group divisions include: GCWorldBiz, GreensheetBIZ, MPSConnect, CMOConnects, OutputLinks, OutputLinks France, OutputLinks Italy and OutputLinks Latin America, OutputLinks UK and OutputLinks Australasia. To learn more, visit

Press Release: PURL Template Editor Proves Landing Pages Can Have Pazzaz – Announcing Launch of PURL Template Editor. 

Dale Carnegie once said that nobody likes anything more than hearing their own name. As proves, seeing one’s own name can drive conversions through the roof. Wanting to help business owners everywhere bank more bucks – they today announced the launch of their PURL Template Editor.

Chicago, IL – PURLs (Personalised URLs) are rapidly being poised as the ultimate way to increase online conversion rates., a web-based platform that’s leading the way in the PURL movement, is today announcing the launch of their innovative template editor.

The company’s PURL Template Editor gives marketers of all abilities an opportunity to create beautiful, fully-functional landing pages that are personalized to each visitor.

With a focus on allowing businesses to present the most appealing content to their audience, the PURL Template Editor puts the power in anyone’s hands in minutes.

“Our goal with creating the PURL Template Editor was to make it incredibly easy to both design and personalize the Landing Page.” says Marty Thomas, Purlem’s Founder. “Because, when a Landing Page is personalized to each and every visitor, the magic really happens”.

The Purlem platform allows marketers to choose from a myriad of design layouts, change the colors and upload images. They can even create a survey/questionnaire, add personalized content and finally create a unique web address for each recipient.

Each PURL contains the recipient’s name within the web address (e.g – – with the hope that the unique format with catch the recipient’s attention and prompt them to click the link.

However, the personalization doesn’t end there. After the clicking the link, Joe will be greeted with a 100% personalized landing page which is relevant to him. This is thanks to the power of the PURL Template Editor, allowing fast personalization, such as greeting the web user with their first name, using a simple drop-down menu.

Aside from the functionality, the team at Purlem placed a huge focus on accessibility – ensuring that their layouts are fully compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.

“Now everybody, no matter their skill level, can create professional looking PURL marketing campaigns,” says Thomas. “Anybody that uses direct mail or email marketing can now increase their response and conversion rates with PURLs”.

Advanced users that want full control of the design can create their own templates, or work directly with the HTML source code to modify the design of the Landing Page to their specifications.

The PURL Template Editor is the latest addition to Purlem’s marketing application, making it easy and affordable to create PURL marketing campaigns.

Purlem can be found online at:



About Purlem

Purlem is a web-based application that enables companies to develop new business with Personalized URLs. A Personalized URL, or “PURL,” is a unique website personalized to each prospect or customer. PURLs are known to substantially increase response rates and overall marketing effectiveness. With a focus on being affordable and easy to use, Purlem has become the fastest growing Personalized URL platform in the world.

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