How Nufarm Received 60 Leads through PURLs

newfarm personalized urls

Nufarm, a Chicago area company, is a manufacturer of crop protection products.  In the summer of 2010 they had just launched a new product the revolutionized the way for farmers to fight fungi and other pests.  Being that winter was only a couple of months away, Nufarm needed to get the world out fast.

So what did they do?  They used Personalized URLs!

Nufarm developed it’s “Treat the Seed Right” campaign that used Personalized URLs (PURLs).  The goal of the campaign was to identify those willing to meet with a sales representative, and ultimately generate sales.

A 4″x6″ Postcard was sent to 1,500 prospects acquired from trade journals and farm dealers. The postcards used variable data print to include the name and contact information for the Nufarm salespeson for that area. The card also included the recipient’s name, his/her Personalized URL and a $50 gift card offer.

Recipients that visited their PURL received a Nufarm hat.  They were also greeted with a brief video featuring Nufarm and directed to a survey page that asked a few questions.

“We were trying to take advantage of the ‘personability’ of direct mail and the PURL to get a response,” said Brian Rund – Nufarm’s director of branding and marketing services.

Those that didn’t respond to the first mailing were sent a second, then third postcard.

The Results
  • 6% of the 1,500 prospects visited their Personalized URL
  • 4.5% answered the survey questions
  • 60 people agreed to meet with a sales representative

Great job Nufarm on a tremendously executed PURL Campaign!


PURL Message in a bottle

PURL Message in a bottle

Genworth Financial Wealth Management sent a message in a bottle through the mail to several hundred financial advisors. The goal was to reengage advisors who had been those advisors who were facing challenges in their business due to market volatility.

The message in the bottle contained a Personalized URL (PURL) with the copy “I’m lost.  Need help, please rescue!”

Advisors that visited their PURL Landing Page that explained how GFWM could help “navigate investors through stormy financial seas.”  Visitors were provided a link to a book and a form for the advisor to request to speak with a representative.

A whopping 46% of the advisors visited their PURL and 13% completed the form.  The mailers cost $4.39 each to make and resulted in a tremendous ROI.

“We were thinking it would be great if we could get 10 percent,” said GFWM marketing manager Marin Morrison. “By day two or three we had already far surpassed that goal.”

Great work GFWM on a tremendous PURL Campaign!

The original case study was published by Deliver Magazine.

CASE STUDY: Saint Peter’s College PURL Campaign

Saint Peter’s College had a goal of acquiring 140 donors by June 1st in honor of the College’s 140th anniversary. To create buzz around the campaign, Ballantine used postcard mailings, four email blasts, social media and personalized URLs.

About 8,000 Alumni were sent postcards that encouraged recipients to learn more by visiting the Personalized URL.

Emails were sent to 10,000 people – again encouraging them to visit their PURL to learn more and to request a reminder call to make a gift on June 1st.

The Results

  • Saint Peter’s College surpassed the goals of 140 donors by acquiring a whopping total of 382 donors!
  • The campaign resulted in more than $90,000 raised by Saint Peter’s

Great work Ballantine and St. Peter’s College on a successful PURL Campaign!

To see more details about the campaign, visit Ballantine’s June Case Study Featuring Saint Peter’s College.

Personalized URL Postcard

Personalized URL Landing Page

AlphaGraphics uses PURLs in their Coconut Campaign

Coconut PURL Campaign

Deliver magazine recently published an article highlighting a PURL Marketing campaign by AlphaGrahics.

Each recipient of the direct marketing campaign received a coconut with a Personalized hangtag with facts about the power of direct mail and a Personalized URL (PURL).  Recipients were encouraged to visit their PURL to be entered to win a gift certificate.

Those that responded to the PURl were mailed an invitation to a marketing wordpres hosted by AlphaGraphics.

  • A whopping 41 percent of recipients completed the online survey after receiving the coconut.
  • 41 of the 200 prospects ended up attending the marketing workshop.
  • The campaign generated a 300% ROI.

Miami University uses PURLs to Increase Response by 1,466%

In a case study provided by Xerox, Miami University conducted a cross-channel marketing campaign that used direct mail, e-mail, and Personalized URLs (PURLs) to engage with potential college-bound students. The case study demonstrates the effectiveness of using PURLs in your marketing efforts.

Miami University A/B tested the effectiveness of PURLs by sending out a personalized brochure with a PURL to one half of recipients, and a static brochure without a PURL to the other half.

The brochures were sent to more than 40,000 high school seniors.

The campaign results were incredible:

  • Surpassed the target enrollment number by 30%
  • The PURLs had a 1,466% increase in response over the control

PURL Brochure Example Miami Univeristy

PURL Brochure Example Miami University

PURL Landing Page Example Miami Univeristy


CASE STUDY: Dentist uses Personalized URLs to Grow Referrals

Dr. Mark Wilhelm (a speciality dentist) used Personalized URLs to grow referrals from his area’s general dentists.  A list of 468 local dentists was purchased from infoUSA.  A personalized oversized postcard was sent out to each of the local dentists.  Each postcard had a Personalized URL (or PURL) that drove people to a landing page containing a short survey and an offer to join a study club and to get referral cards.  A $25 American Express gift card was also used to encourage visits to the PURL, but was positioned to be a secondary offer, keeping the focus on the Dr. Wilhelm’s practice rather than the gimmick.

The Results:

  • 21 dentists visited their PURLs with 11 filling out the survey
  • 18 (94.74%) area dentists requested and received referral card packs
  • 13 (68.42%) area dentists joined the study club

PODi is offering this case study free for a limited time.


PURL Marketing Postcard Example

Dentist PURL Example Landing Page

Dentist PURL Example Landing Page

Dentist PURL Example Landing Page

Personalized URLs for Events

AlphaGraphics Personalized URL Campaign

One of the most critical elements of a successful Personalized URL (PURL) campaign is the offer.  It’s critical that you give your customers/prospects a good reason to respond to your message.  Typically the offer is a small gift, or entry to a competition.  Whatever it is, it should be attention grabbing and relevant to your audience. You want to make it a no-brainer for the recipient to take action.

But one “offer” that is commonly overlooked is an event.  This month’s PODi free case study features an AlphaGraphics campaign that used Personalized URLs to invite people to an event.

AlphaGraphics sent 331 invitations to the anniversary party, received 82 responses (24.8%) and welcomed 56 guests (16.9%) to the party.

They even took it a step further by personalizing the party favors to the guests, depending how they answered the survey questions on the Personalized URL.

After the event AlphaGraphics received several requests from clients to create similar campaigns for their own initiatives

Events are a powerful, and often overlooked, way to generate big responses for your Personalized URL campaign.

Staples Personalized Marketing Campaign

Staples Personalized LetterApproximately 37,000 direct mail pieces were sent to STAPLES Business Depot customers.  One half of the list received a a letter with personalized content and the other half received a started letter without any personalization.

In the personalized letter, the recipient was offered a gift based on their past purchase history, a description of the loyalty program they were currently registered for, and a coupon that was related to past purchases.

The rate of coupon redemption for the personalized piece was 50% greater.  The average purchase amount also increased by 18% from the personalized piece.

Download the PDF Case Study provided by Xerox

MTD Personal URL Campaign Case Study

We wanted to create a customised landing page and individual purls for each of our contacts as part of a discounted price we were offering to selected clients. We aimed to distribute these purls through email to over 8,000 clients, so that they would read

By uploading the same contact list into both Purlem and our email distribution software and tagging the link in both as the above, we hoped this would allow us to send the correct purl to each contact on mass.

Then, when they clicked through to the site, it would read:

Hi #firstname#, we have a special message for you…

We hoped that the use of purls customised with each individuals name would encourage them to open the email and click through to the site. We wanted it to stand out from other promotional offers they may receive and we hoped the purls and customised landing page would encourage people to make a purchase with us.

We also wanted to be able to track exactly which recipients had visited the site and how many times they had visited it, so that we could compare these to our own records of purchases made through the purls. This was for two reasons, firstly so that we could see how well the purls were working and how many purchases they were leading to, and secondly so that we could offer those who clicked through but didn’t buy a chance at a discounted fee.

Target audience:
Our target audience was mostly sales professionals, sales directors and business owners who we have already distributed either emails, newsletter, blog posts or sales tips to previously. We are in constant contact with most of these clients via some form of online contact throughout the year so they are current or previous clients of ours and are aware of who we are and what we do.

We had a really good click through rate (5.75% of 8525 contacts) and we did have some clients go on to buy following the purl distribution, so we were pleased with the end results and we are intending to use Purlem again on a future project.

Personalized URL (PURL) Landing Page

PURL Landing Page Case Study

Personalized URL (PURL) Email

Personalized URL Email

Case Study provided by MTD Training

Roto Rooter Case Study

To acquire at least one new heating and plumbing company in seven of Roto Rooter’s core markets.

This was our most successful company acquisition campaign to date. We mailed 800 heating and plumbing companies with sales over $1MM. Overall 30 companies responded (3.75% response rate) — half of these responses came from the personalized URL. We successfully acquired 4 businesses from this campaign.

Roto-Rooter Direct Mail Letter with Personalized URL (PURL)

Roto Rooter PURL Direct Mail Letter

Roto Rooter Personal URL (PURL) Landing Page

Roto Rooter PURL Landing Page

Case Study provided by PLG Consulting.