Pizzeria PURL (Personal URL)

I created this PURL (personal URL) campaign for one of my clients:Pizzeria Personalized URL

View at: http://pizzapurl.com/Joe.Smith

The pizzeria already has good success sending tri-fold mailers to people that are new to the neighborhood. The mailer offers the receipient a free medium pizza.

Now the pizzeria would like to take it one step further with a Personalized URL.  The PURL (as seen above) asks the visitor to enter his email to recieve the Free Pizza coupon.  By doing this, the pizzeria will have a nice collection of email addresses to add to their marketing database.

They could even take it a step further and allow the visitor to place an order right on their PURL!  But lets not get carried away! 🙂

Country Club Personal URL (PURL) Case Study

Client: Private Country Club (name is confidential)

Campaign Goal: The client already has a list of prospects and their emails from a previous on-site promotion. Now the goal is to collect the mailing addresses and golfing habits of these same prospects so the country club can continue to send them relevant solicitations in the future.

Strategy: Send a an email with a Personalized URL (PURL), that will direct the prospects to a website that welcomes them by name. The call to action will be a “braded gift” from the country club, received after filling out an online survey. When the prospect visits their PURL, they will be guided through a series of questions regarding their golfing habits. At the end, they will be asked to insert their mailing information so the club can send the gift.

Execution: The email sent to the prospects was sent in plain text and contained the following copy:
Dear Mike,

As a past guest of __________, I would like to present you with a free “” of the . We have created a short photo tour of our spectacular courses. To view the tour please go to:http://____________.com/Mike.Jones

440 Prospects received the email
157 Visited the PURL (35.7%)
110 Completed the survey and submitted their mailing address (25%)

Cruise PURL

I created this demo personalized URL page  for a client that is going to be pitching the technology to Cruise Ships.  Thoughts? Comments?

You can view the site here: http://cruisepurl.com/Mike.Jones

Personalized URL (PURL) example cruise

Mailing Personalized URL Postcards

Trying to decide the best way to mail your  personalized url postcards can be very overwhelming. There seems to be a million different options. The short answer is to let your printer handle the mailing. Most print shops have mailing services, and if they don’t, they know somebody who does. From my experience, you can plan on paying $80 – $150 to have your printer prep your mailing to send to the postoffice. Preping includes Address verification/NCOA certification/Cass certification & Presorting.

Benefits of mailing through your printer is that they understand how to get the lowest possible mailing rate with the postoffice. Chances are you will make the mailing service fees back in the amount you will save on postage. For example, if you were to mail a standard size (4″x6″) postcard, you would normally pay the full first class postage rate of 28¢. But a printer can usually bring that price down to 23¢ using their mailing services.

The only time to consider using standard postage (as opposed to first class) would be when you are sending postcards that are larger than 6 inches long by 4-1/4 inches high. In this case it you could save up to 10¢ per card mailing standard. The two big drawbacks of using standard mail typically will take an additional 10-15 days to deliver, and it is not undeliverable addresses are not forwarded or returned. A typical mailing will have 8% undeliverable addresses, so it is valuable to know which addresses these are for future mailings.

Personalize your website to visitors with personal URLs.

In this tutorial I use Purlem to transform an existing web page into a personal URL page, that greets the visitor by their name, and allows the company to track who visits the website.

Personalize your website to visitors with personal URLs.

Personal URL website

What is Personal URL (PURL) Marketing?

A Personal URL (PURL), is a unique and personalized Web address created especially for each recipient of your direct mail or email marketing campaign.
Example: mikejones.yoursite.com

Some reasons to user PURLs…
– Increase response rates.
– Track ALL responses from your promotional pieces.
– Customize web pages for every one of your prospects.
– Measure the effectiveness of individual campaigns.
– Know who your most valuable prospects are.
– Quantify results previously immeasurable.
– Maximize subsequent campaigns.
– Convert responders’ preferences into revenue.

Gain a Deep Understanding of Your Prospects with the Feedback-Loop.

Imagine having a database of your best prospects that contains information such as how many children they have, what hobbies they enjoy, and what restaurants they are keen on. Imagine the creative marketing that you could do with such information!

Customized marketing communication can be made even more powerful when you can provide relevant information to your current customers and prospects. The trick is capturing and using this information without a large investment of money or resources.

A Personal URL (PURL) has the inherit capability of capturing this valuable information and storing it in a database for future use. Let’s take a little deeper look at how this feedback-loop works.

A PURL is a unique website address that sends the direct mail recipient to a customized website. That provides an unsurpassed opportunity to engage your visitor with relevant content and capture further information about them. Generally, you would give them an incentive for providing their information – a white paper, a chance to win… or other encouragement. The visitor information collected by the website is stored in a database you can easily access for subsequent campaigns, making future contact even more relevant to the prospect or customer.