PURLs Work for Nonprofits

Tightened belts and an endless list of nonprofit organizations have seemingly made fundraising more difficult than ever.

How do you cut through the noise to make a meaningful impression on your prospective donors?

How can you be sure you’re asking for support from a relevant audience?

PURLs are a ridiculously effective way to reach both future and past donors alike, especially those in that coveted demographic of ages 20-39. These sacred millennials are not only more likely to respond to your PURL campaign, they’re frequently revisiting their personalized landing page so they can share it with Facebook friends or Twitter tweeters.

The more you’re able to reach donors on a personal level, the more likely they’ll be to spread the word, tell their friends, and, of course, pledge their sacred monies to your organization!

From political campaigns to charities to religious organizations, Purlem can help execute a fundraising strategy perfectly tailored to your cause.

Our business philosophy ensures that you won’t find a more cost effective and direct PURL provider out there. From pledge drives to event invitations and so much more, let Purlem help you cut through the noise and achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of.

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Higher Education Marketing with PURLs

You want to boost enrollment rates. You want to make a pitch for your school that isn’t stale or ineffective. You want the ability to engage with prospective students through event triggered marketing.

These wants are more possible than ever thanks to the infusion of PURLs (or Personalized URLs) in highly targeted direct mail campaigns.

We’ve compiled a handy data sheet on the effectiveness of PURLs in Higher Ed Marketing, which highlights such topics as:

– Boosting response rates via increased personalization

– How PURLs can severely reduce your marketing costs

– Creating landing pages that blossom into enrollments

– Building a donor base with PURLs

– and much more, including some helpful graphs

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PURL Power in Real Estate Marketing

When it comes to buying a new home, personalization matters big time. Case studies continue to tell us that prospective homeowners respond enthusiastically to a highly personalized marketing campaign.

Including Personalized URLs (or PURLs) in your next mailing campaign is the perfect way to make an immediate impression on your readers. When they receive your mailer and see that you’ve set up a unique website just for them, they instantly become more likely to hop online and check it out.

Here’s an example of what a PURL looks like: “john.smith.yoursite.com” or “yoursite.com/johnsmith”

What’s more, you can easily design John’s personal landing page to welcome him by name and entice him with a special offer, both of which are awesomely effective ways of initiating a solid engagement.

To show you just how effective PURLs can be in your marketing campaign, we’ve provided an exclusive case study of a real estate firm called Tampa Homebuilder. Spoiler alert: In the weekend after they launched their PURL campaign, they tripled the number of homes they sold!

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