Personalize any web page with Purl.js

Purl.js is an easy way to personalized a website to the visitor.  Here’s how it works…

1) Use Personalized URLs to send visitors to your website. 

Personalized URLs or “PURLs” are simply a URL that is personalized to each recipient. (For example: or

The PURLs are used to tell your website who is visiting.  This technique requires that you have a list of knows customers/prospects that you want to personalize your website to.  With that list in hand, you can create PURLs for each recipient with Purlem.

2) Use Hashtags to Personalize your page.  

When a recipient visits their “PURL,” they will be taken to a website that is personalized to them.  You can personalize the page by placing variable Hashtags directly into the HTML.  For example, if you wanted to pull in the visitor’s first name into your website header, you would simply use #firstName.

In this example, #firstName is replaced with John.



Here is how to set it up…

1) Upload purl.js
Download purl.js, and upload the file to your server.

2) Add code to HTML
Add the follow code into just above the </head> section of your HTML.

<script src=”/path/to/purl.js”></script>

3) Add jQuery
Purl.js requires jQuery.  If you don’t have jQuery on your site, you’ll want to include it as well. Below is the Google hosted library for jQuery.

<script src=””></script>

4) Add Hashtags
Add the variable hashtags into the HTML.  You can see Purlem’s variable hashtags here.