Zapier Integration

I’m really excited to announce that Purlem now integrates with Zapier!

Purlem Zapier Integration

For those unfamiliar… Zapier is a tool that makes it easy for non-developers to share data between web applications.

What does this mean to you?  Lots!  Here are some ways you might use Zapier to connect Purlem with your favorite apps.

  • Update a Salesforce contact when a PURL is visited.
  • Send a Slack or Hipchat message with the PURL visitor’s details.
  • Move a contact to a different MailChimp list when they visit their PURL.
  • Trigger a tag to an Infusionsoft contact, after a PURL is visited.
  • And the list goes on and on…

With thousands of Zapier apps to choose from, the opportunities here are endless.

Purlem’s Zapier integration is currently invite only.  Contact me if you’d like to try it out.



  • Fredrik Martinsson

    Great work!

  • Steve Bennett

    This is a stellar choice Martin. Zapier has helped us with many an integration where the client didn’t have the resources for a full integration with other programs like Salesforce. Glad you’ve done this.

  • Martin Thomas

    Thanks Steve. We’re excited about this one!