Tend – A New Life for PURLs

I’m absolutely ecstatic to ring in the new year with a major announcement that has the potential to change the way PURLs are perceived and used… forever.

In the past, PURLs have largely (unfortunately) been used as a gimmicky marketing tactic to draw attention and entice some sort of response. If a PURL campaign does not increase response, or don’t increase the response enough, they are assumed to be a failure.

Early last year I started to notice a trend with many successful PURL marketers.  These marketers weren’t counting on PURLs for increasing response rates at all.  Rather, they were using PURLs to permanently identify their website visitors.  Once identified, they continued to track and marketing to the them through a multi-touch campaign.

It makes sense right?  After all, we all know that it’s going to take several marketing “touches” before our prospects take action.  By using PURLs to identify website visitors, marketers can track the effectiveness of all their future campaigns, across any channel, down the the individual level!

But here’s the rub – as you can imagine, executing a campaign like this is no easy task.  To pull this off, marketers would need to hack together several services and hire a full-time developer to manage it. Although this is possible, it’s simply not realistic for a large number of small businesses out there.  This is where we saw a huge opportunity…

Introducing Tend.  When combined with Purlem, Tend will track all of your marketing campaigns, across all channels, down to the individual PURL visitor.

For example, say that you send an email out to Joe Prospects with a PURL (i.e. http://JoeProspect.Domain.com).  When Joe visits his PURL, he sees a page that is personalized to him.  At the same time, Tend starts tracking Joe. Forever!  If Joe comes back tomorrow through a Facebook campaign, Tend is tracking it.  If he comes back in 3 months from LinkedIn, Tend is tracking.  If he comes back in 2 years, yep – Tend is tracking.


All of this gives you, the marketer, power to see who your hottest prospects are, and precisely which marketing efforts are delivering the biggest bang for the buck, over a given period of time.

We have a special offer for all Purlem users:
Try Tend free for 60 days, when you sign up in the Feb 1st!  
Start converting your gimmicky PURL campaign, into a strategic PURL campaign within minutes!