Will Amazon’s FireFly give QR Codes a new life?

feature-firefly._V349252144_Amazon’s new phone has a feature called FireFly that allows you to scan QR Codes (and much more) with a click of  a button.

I have never been a big supporter of QR Codes.  I reluctantly added QR Codes to Purlem’s feature set because of customer’s requests. Give the people what they want, right!?  I have often told customers/prospects inquiring about using QR Codes in their direct mail to expect ZERO people to scan it. Sure… there are some cases that QR Codes have been used with some level of success.  But generally speaking, don’t count on QR Codes generating any responses in your direct mail campaign.

The complaint from QR Code users has been that it simply takes to long to download/open the app and then scan the QR Code.  I know.  This is silly that it probably doesn’t take more than 10 seconds.  But in today’s world, it’s 10 seconds to long!  FireFly removes the 10 seconds it takes to download/open the QR Code app.

Obviously, to hit a critical mass, other smart phones (egh hmm – iPhone), will need to introduce a similar technology.  But the technology does exist, and I think it does have  potential to give QR Codes (specifically in direct mail campaigns) a new life.  I’m not so sure I’d write QR Codes completely off just yet.

What do you think?