How We’re Saving Our Client More Than $100,000

Purlem has no sales staff. There’s no single person here vying for commission or fees or end of the month bonuses. We’re an all-hands-on-deck company where everyone’s working towards the same goal: To revolutionize and simplify the PURL industry, which is a scenario where every party benefits.

By removing the need for greed and, instead, being wholly transparent about the simplicity of our services, we can focus on offering an equitable, freakishly affordable price to you.

We recently saved our biggest client more than $100,000. Here’s how.

  • Our client’s order was ginormous. They were looking to create 30,000,000 PURLs for an epic direct mailing blast.
  • We’d heard of USPS’s Personalization promotion for May 1 – June 30, which provides a 2% postage discount for any mail that includes PURLs.
  • Typically, mailing out 30,000,000 postcards would have cost this company $753,000. But by informing them of this somewhat new promotion that would save them 2% on postage, we ended reducing their postage cost by $15,060.
  • We then started to think about how we might save our client even more on previously extraneous costs, which is when we came up with Creating PURLs on the Fly, which essentially boils down to only charging you for PURLs that are visited by your contacts.
  • At our competitor’s cost of $0.02 per PURL, this would have typically cost our client $600,000! Because standard response rates to PURL promotions hover between 12% and 26%, we can predict that our client will save much more than $100,000 using PURLs on the Fly.

We’re cracking the mystique of PURL pricing wide open, and it starts by looking out for you every step of the way. Doing anything else just feels wrong to us.

Drop us a line anytime. We’d love to show you how much money we can save you compared to other PURL providers. Money like that is money worth saving.