8 ways to use PURLs

Few know this, but PURLs are more than just a firewood substitute or fashionable summer trend. Like their inventor, Walt Whitman, PURLs have grown to contain multitudes– sweet, heavenly multitudes of technological glory that are waiting to be unlocked and utilized to strengthen your business.

Here are but eight of the many scenarios in which PURLing can amp up your results:

1.) Event Registration: The level of personalization that PURLs offer make them a perfect fit for enticing attendees to your event. By beckoning them to visit the PURL you’ve set up for them, they can be sure the invitation is personal. Once they visit that page, you can gather and present as much information from and to them as you like. This is especially helpful for understanding their event preferences, receiving an attendance fee, or tracking their PURL activity once the event is over.

2.) Trade Show Marketing: PURLs are great for both pre- and post-trade show marketing strategies. You can ask potential guests specific questions in advance on their personalized landing page, such as whether or not they intend to visit the event, what they hope to get out of it, and what kinds of materials or case studies they may want to see while there.

3.) Lead Generation and Acquisition: PURLs help you cultivate the kind of home run leads the guys in Glengarry Glen Ross can only dream about. Use PURLs as a chance to provide interesting, relevant information to your reader and, in turn, get to know what they like and what they don’t. PURLs put you virtually face to face with prospective customers’ wants and habits.

4.) Loyalty:  Customers want to remain loyal to businesses that listen to them and that they can trust, both of which are bedrocks of harnessing personalization to its fullest extent. PURLs allow you to keep an open dialogue with customers, while also gauging data based on customer behavior and satisfaction. Keep your customers happy and, simply put, you’ll keep your customers.

5.) Membership/Customer Renewal: PURLs make it easy to keep track of your customers membership plans and renewal dates. By anticipating these renewal periods, you can proactively reach out to your customers via their PURLs in an effort to keep them on your side. Tailoring the renewal process for them helps simplify the work they have to do and lets them know that you’re attentive and interested in their business on a personal level. This level of personalization will do wonders in reducing your attrition rate.

6.) Donations and Special Appeals: PURLs are a great solution for Non-Profit enterprises that are looking for an effective way to boost response rates. This is cross-channel marketing at its finest, and your prospective donors will be impressed by the tailored call to action that awaits them at their personalized landing pages.

7.) Customer Surveys: Whether it’s a one-off questionnaire or a series of ongoing, experience-based surveys, PURLs make interviewing your customers ridiculously easy. Not only can you tailor questionnaires based on your existing relationship with them, with Purlem you can easily track these results over time and calibrate your service to match exactly what they want.

8.) Product Announcements: Relevantly targeting product announcements is easier than ever thanks to the level of tracking and personalization that PURLs afford us. Know who to tell your new whizbang about, how, and when, all based on your customer’s PURL activity to that point.

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