Can we trust you?

As Purlem begins to work with more “Enterprise” level companies, this is a question I get asked often.

Recently, a prospect told me – “Well… normally we would do a site visit with our new vendors. But it seems we would be visiting your home if we were to do that.”  Obviously, they had a lot of concerns working with a such a small company – especially a one man team.

That prospect become one of my biggest customers a week later.

I’ve found that there are two major concerns that larger companies have when considering using Purlem.

  1. Support level
  2. Purlem’s future

Let me address both of these…

Support Level

An obvious concern is the level of support they can expect to receive from only one person. I can talk all day about how my love for the product as the founder/developer naturally leads to better support.  But let’s let some of my customers tell the story…

I have used multiple platforms for PURLs in the past, including MindFire, XMPie, JFM, and EasyPurl. When I came across Purlem, I was on the verge of delving into a lengthy development process to build a homegrown PURL system. Purlem saved me a ton of money and development time, and is a great product. I would highly recommend it. And the support is unreal!
– Zachary Wood, Director, Applied Digital Media at Blue Moon Marketing Group

I needed an online component to handle a direct mailing campaign to over 2500 individuals. On a brief but valuable call with Purlem, it was clear that this was the right option to handle our exact needs. The product makes sense, is easy to use and the support was outstanding! I successfully launched our campaign and Purlem was the perfect solution to easily generate a very large number of personalized pages for users to access through a QR code. I will undoubtedly use Purlem again!
– Rebecca Pleshaw, Co-Owner | Marketing, Design and Development at Cloud Construct,

Not only is the product great and easy to use but the support we receive is equally extraordinary. The combination of the two has played a key role in taking our business to the next level. I look forward to expanding our partnership in any way possible because Purlem is a simple, easy to use solution.
– Mike Buckner, Director of Marketing at Sequoia Equity Group

And that’s only a few of many found on our LinkedIn page.

Purlem’s Future

Another concern is what Purlem’s future holds.  Can you count on Purlem continuing to exist?

The #1 reason why companies fail is because – you guessed it – money.  When a company runs out of cash, they are forced to close their doors.  Fortunately, since I decided to bootstrap Purlem, this is not something I have to worry about.  For those that are unfamiliar, bootstrapping means that I never took on financing.  Purlem has no debt, and has been profitable since day 1. Even if Purlem’s revenue dropped drastically, the product will continue to exist.  I would probably have to find a new job, but the product would exist.

When talking with prospects about Purlem’s future, it’s always so funny when they start to ask – “Well, I mean, what would happen if. I don’t want to say… But. You know…”  Ha! Their beating around the bush asking what would happen to Purlem if something happens to me.  When it comes to this, there is a backup plan.  I have a trusted advisor, colleague, developer who has been with me since the beginning.  He has full access to Purlem and is fully capable of continuing it’s success.

There may be some other concerns, but these seem to be the two that pop up most often.  Have you other small businesses out there experienced similar challenges when working with larger corporations?