Consumers Prefer Personalized Communication

Mass marketing is rapidly coming to an end. Replacing the “spray-and-pray” tactics is a target, personalized approach.

The premise is really quite simple – would you rather receive a piece of junk mail, or something that is personalized and relevant to you? Today, consumers prefer personalized communication, as made obvious in The Future of Mail & Transaction Documents study by CAP Ventures.  The results are not surprising.

personalized vs non-personalized direct mail and email preferences

Ya, ya, ya… The fact that personalization will out perform mass marketing is old hat. We all know that.

81% of marketing executives agree that target direct marketing campaigns outperform mass-market campaigns.

– Data-Driven Print, Patricia Source

The sad truth is, however, that few actually act on it.  Your competitors know they should be engaging their customers with personalized messages, but they aren’t. They may intimidated, confused or just plain refuse to change their ways. Whatever their reasoning, this opens the door to differentiate yourself by engaging your prospects and customers in a personalized, one-to-one communication – the way they want to be marketed to.  How you ask? One simple way is through Personalized URL (or PURLs).

PURLs actually place your prospects name into your URL, for example –  The next time you send Joe and email or direct mail piece, you say… Hey Joe, I created a personalized web page just for you at 

And when “Joe” visits his PURL, he will see a website that is personalized just to him.  It can show product recommendations based on past purchase history.  Or exactly how much he could save by switching to your company. Or.. the sky is the limit.  Your prospects get what they want – a personalized experience.  You get increased response rates, higher conversion rates, and the ability to track each respondent. Everybody wins!

The takeaway – Personalization works. Most don’t act. PURLs make personalization easy. Go use PURLs.