Wow your PURL Visitors with Response Time

In 2007, teamed up with MIT to figure out how response time correlates to actually making contact with, and qualifying that lead.

The findings were quite outstanding, and have direct implications with your Personalized URL (PURL) marketing campaigns. What they found was that if you contact a lead within 5 minutes, your 100 times more likely to make contact with the lead, than if you wait 30 minutes. 100 times! The chart below shows how the chances decrees every five minutes you wait to reach out to your new PURL lead.

Initial Dials to Leads that became Contacted

But what was even more surprising, is that if you wait more than 20 hours, every dial that you make actually hurts your ability to make contact and qualify your lead!

The bottom line, the quicker you contact the leads from your Personalized URL PURL marketing campaign, the better chance that you’ll make contact with that visitor. If you wait more than 20 hours, better off not to respond at all.

To actually put this into practice, use Purlem’s Email Alerts to setup instant email notifications to go out to your and your sales team.  Instruct your sales team to immediately follow up with the leads received from your PURL landing page.

When actually put this into practice, they found that if their sales person contacts the new lead within 3 minutes, the respondent quite often reacts with, “wow, that was fast! You are impressive.” They have been told that they feel that the sales representative must be really on top of things, and that is the kind of person and company they want servicing their account.

Do yourself a favor and give your PURL visitor’s a WOW experience – just make sure that they are expecting your call! #dontbecreepy