Introducing Social Share & Track

I just released Social Share & Track in Purlem’s campaigns! With a simple click of the button, you can add social share icons to your PURL landing pages.  This gives  visitors the ability to share their PURL landing page with their social networks. Any easy way to add a viral element to your PURL landing pages.  Here is how it works…

Tom Smith receives a postcard enticing him to visit his Personalized URL:

PURL Postcard

Tom then visits his PURL to claim his offer:

Social Share PURL

Tom is asked to share the offer with his friends. It’s such a great offer Tom decides to Tweet it.


Now Tom’s friend (we’ll call him Bill) sees the offer on his Twitter feed. Bill visit’s the offer page and which requests some additional information.


After Bill completes the form, he taken to his offer page, where he to can share with his friends.  All the while, Purlem is doing some serious tracking in the back end. You can use this to track visitors who have shared the PURL page with their friend or colleague and who they have influenced.

All of the Social Share and Track results are available in the results export from Purlem’s dashboard.  Were soon going to be releasing a new results page that will be much prettier (for all you visual folks out there!)

Learn more about how Purlem’s Social Share & Track works.