Purlem’s New Unbounce Integration

I’m excited to announce today our Unbounce Integration. We all love Unbounce and the beautiful landing pages and results they provide. Now, you can combine Unbounce and Purlem to personalize your Unbounce landing page to each and every visitor!

Here is how it works…

Purlem will create a Personalized URL (PURL) for every person in your marketing database.

For example:

Then, you’ll send the PURL out to your potential visitors via email or direct mail.

Finally, when a person visits their PURL, they will be imediatly redirecting to their Personalized Unbounce landing page!

Pretty cool huh?

Learn more about how to Personalize your Unbouce Landing Page.

Or see how to Personalize Unbounce for your next Email Marketing Campaign.

Personalized Unbounce Landign Page