Personalize Unbounce for your next Email Marketing Campaign

Personalized campaigns will, on average, outperform static campaigns by 4 times!

That’s 4 times the visitors, 4 times the results, and 4 times more money in your pocket! The best part is – personalizing your Unbounce landing page is extremely simple and affordable (ie FREE!).

In this use-case, we will cover exactly how to personalize your Unbounce landing page with your next email marketing campaign.  To pull this off we will be utilizing three different tools:

  • Unbounce
  • Purlem
  • MailChimp

So to start, create an account with each tool (if you don’t already have one).  Each tool has a free option so this won’t cost you a dime!

Now that you have your accounts created, let’s jump into the nuts and bolts.  Here’s what we will be covering:

  1. Create an Unbounce Landing Page
  2. Create a Purlem Campaign
  3. Add Personalization to Unbounce
  4. Upload Contacts to MailChimp
  5. Integrate MailChimp with Purlem
  6. Send out an email through MailChimp
  7. View the Magic!

1. Create an Unbounce Landing Page

When you first sign in to Unbounce, you are taken automatically to the Create a New Landing Page screen. On this screen, choose the landing page design you would like to use and fill out the provided form.  Then select the Create a New Page button.
More details on creating a new page provided by Unbounce here.

Unbounce Create New Page

2. Create a Purlem Campaign

Now we will switch over to Purlem.  When you first login to Purlem you will presented with the page to create a new campaign. Select the Extensions tab, then the Unbounce option provided. From there, enter the requested information.
For more details on this step, visit Purlem’s Unbounce Install tutorial.

Purlem Unbounce Install

3. Add Personalization to Unbounce

Open up your landing page that you would like to personalize in Unbounce.
Once in their landing page editor, select the Javascript button in the lower left of the screen.

Unbounce Javascript

Add the follow code into the window that appears:

<script src=""></script>

Select Head as the Placement as shown below:
Unbounce Javascript Head

3.2: Add Personalization Hashtags
Check out the list of available personalization hashtags. For example, if I would like to dynamically display the visitor’s name, I would use #firstName, as shown below.

Personalized Unbounce

4. Upload Contacts to MailChimp

The contacts must have a first and last name, and an email. MailChimp provides a nice tutorial on importing your list here.

5. Integrate MailChimp with Purlem

To activate the MailChimp Integration with Purlem, enter your MailChimp API Key.
You can find the Integration page under the Clients tab > Manage > Integrations
Learn More: Where can I find my MailChimp API Key?

Purlem MailChimp Integration Setup

Purlem MailChimp

5.2 Import Contacts from Mailchimp
Select the Import from MailChimp link under the Contacts tab.
This will also create a field in Mailchimp to store each contact’s Personalized URL.

MailChimp Import Contacts to Purlem

6. Send out an email through MailChimp

When composing your MailChimp email, select the PURL option from the Merge Tags dropdown.  This will pull in the Personalized URL for each recipient.

MailChimp PURL

7. View the Magic!

Each recipient will receive their email with a link to their Personalized Unbounced Page.  Pretty cool huh?

MailChimp PURL Email

Unbounced Personalized Landing Page