PURL Offers – What Works? What Doesn’t?

Getting the Offer right is a crucial part of a successful PURL Campaign.

In my post The 60/30/10 Rule for Successful PURL Campaigns, I argued that The Offer is responsible for approximately 30% of the overall success of a PURL campaign.  Which begs the question – what makes for a good offer.

To attempt to answer that question, I evaluated The Offers from over 150 PURL case studies.  All case studies were from The ULTIMATE PURL Case Study Directory, which I released last month.

The first thing I did was place each offer into one of 7 Categories:

  1. Giveaway
  2. Drawing
  3. Giveaway & Drawing
  4. RSVP
  5. Discount
  6. Learn More
  7. Other

Then I averaged the response rate received across each offer category.  The results are placed in the chart below. The results were more or less what I expected.  A simple call to action of “Learn More..” was not very enticing only pulling an average 10.5% response.  And combining a Giveaway & Drawing was more enticing that just one or the other.  Af first I was surprised to see that the RSVP pulled in the highest average response.  But after thinking about it, people that receive RSVP invitations typically know who the sender is. It is likely a very targeted and well qualified list.  So it actually makes sense that it would pull such a strong response.

PURL Offer Response Rates

Offer Type Avg Response
RSVP: 27.22%
Giveaway & Drawing: 25.95%
Giveaway: 19.71%
Drawing: 14.75%
Other: 13.66%
Discount: 11.55%
Learn More: 10.55%


Listed below are the actual offers from each category.  Links are provided to the case study source.  All links were working at the time the case studies were gathered, but some may break with time.

Hopefully this will be a good resource for you to brainstorm your next PURL offer.


  • Register for the RSVP
  • Free executive-level seminar
  • Free lunch and learn seminar
  • Application fee waiver and invitation to participate in an online interactive Dean’s roundtable forum
  • Register for a free seminar – “PURL: Harnessing Marketing Performance Measurement””
  • Register for one of the upcoming tours and open-house RSVPs
  • Please RSVP By going to…
  • RSVP
  • Register for a free seminar

Giveaway & Drawing


  • Get your next oil change free
  • Pick the t-shirt that best defines your personality
  • Pick your FREE T-shirt
  • Free personalized caricature desk pad
  • Free personalised calendar, personalised chocolate bar and USB sales kit.
  • Select a gift or charity donation
  • A Canvas tote bag included a disposable camera, a compact tool set, gift cards, furniture templates and a portfolio to hold paint swatches
  • Receive a personalized brochure based off your interests
  • Make a donation of $80 or more by June 30, 2010 and we’ll send you a t-shirt
  • $50 amazon gift card and chance to win bonus gift
  • $100 bonus Canadian Tire “money”
  • Receive an iPad2 for attending presentation
  • Free first-aid kit
  • $25 American Express Gift Card
  • Free iPod
  • Pick your free T-shirt
  • Free customized report
  • Free hat
  • Receive a special gift for future Brigadier Foundation Members
  • Enjoy a personally selected bottle of wine & participate in your choice of executive discussion groups
  • A free book was offered to all individuals who completed the online survey
  • Free book of forever stamps
  • Receive a $25 gift card in exchange for a very brief meeting
  • Receive other personalized images
  • Receive “Schmooze Kit” and request a ride from the airport
  • Free iPod or a Sony digital camera
  • Free company genius mug
  • Free sample of New Era art printed on HP PVC-free Wall Paper
  • $10 Starbucks Gift-card
  • Free personalized wall calendar
  • $50 Gas Card
  • A sumptuous select of dynamic cheesecakes
  • a free Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich
  • offered a gift from the store in exchange for visiting the
    PURL. The gifts included a soccer ball, t-shirt, athletic shoes, and a cake.
  • $50 gift card
  • Free 6 week meal and exercise planner
  • personalized golf assessment and a pamphlet Secrets to Reading Greens
  • complimentary one-year membership to ZAGAT.com
  • The first 25 to respond receive a bamboo plant
  • Free Starbucks gift card
  • Free Personalized Poster
  • Receive a Nufarm hat & $50 gift card for meeting with a representative
  • Earn as many as six months of free membership by recruiting new members
  • Customized T-shirt featuring content uniquely generated from their replies
  • Win a FREE RSA USB Mobile Security Token



  • Help DIG choose a charity to
    receive a donation
  • Help us select the organization that will receive our gift
  • Apply to the rapid-response admission program
  • Hassle free solution to your business worries. Contact to learn more.
  • Download a review of the Strike 37 by Florida Sport Fishing
  • I’m lost. Need help, please rescue!
  • The class winning the challenge would earn the right to call themselves “Allegheny’s Top Young
    Alumni Class.”
  • Find out how you can share the catholic experience
  • Tell us what you’ve been up to
  • Help us reach our goal
  • Join the Wolf Pack
  • Don’t miss out on today’s historically low rates
  • To ensure a smooth transition… we’ve created a personal website for you”
  • See how much you qualify for.
  • Book now at your personalized Days In website…
  • Support the sash
  • Visit your personal symposium website to start your journey
  • Memories, Answers, & Your Voice May Be Found At:
  • Tell us what you think…
  • Take part in the ATC $500,000 Challenge
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  • Take the Vermillion digital test drive
  • Get away from traditional print communication
  • You’re invited to preview your newest subscriber benefit and create your FREE member account
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