Alphagraphic’s PURL Campaign Proves the Value of an Effective List

In 2009 AlphaGraphics released their Rubik’s Cube PURL Campaign.  The goal of the campaign was to generate new leads for each individual AlphaGraphics store.  The first group of Alphagraphics stores had an average response rate of 23%.  The campaign was so successful that AlphaGraphics corporate decide to rerun the campaigns for 31 other locations.

Alphagraphics PURL

Do you know what happened with these 31 locations?  The response rates ranged from 3-46%!  Everything was the same – the creative, offer, sales follow ups, emails, EVERYTHING!  The one thing that was different between each location – THE LIST!

Each Alphagraphics location chose their own lists to market to. In order to ensure the quality of the list, some sales representatives were responsible for covering the cost of the direct mail pieces. Putting the financial responsibility on the sales representatives gave them incentive to create the most effective lists possible.

Maybe it was the sales person’s fault?  Maybe it was the geographic location?  Or maybe, just maybe, some lists were purchased and others were generated in house.

I have a hunch that the Alphagraphics locations with the 46% response rates had a list of interested prospects that have previously shown interests and gave alphagraphics permission to market to them.  What do you think?

Source: AlphaGraphics Solves Direct Marketing Puzzle with Rubik’s Cube Campaign