The 2013 Purlem

Over New Years I quietly launched the all-new 2013 Purlem.  With the update I was able to add some features, introduce an API, fix some bugs, and give the entire application a nice little face lift.

Here are some of the major changes…

A New Look

Both the marketing site and dashboard of the 2013 Purlem is sporting a cleaner, more consistent look.  The little difference between layouts, fonts, button designs, etc has been driving me crazy for a while now.  I used Twitter bootstrap to set the base for the design work. – No, I’m not ashamed to say that I used bootstrap.  I think the framework is absolutely brilliant.

Purlem-Personalized URL 2013

Update Existing Landing Page Design

Those that use Purlem Templates for their PURL campaigns can now update the template of an existing campaign.  Before, you would have to delete the campaign and create a new one if you wanted to change the design.  Now, simply select a new design from under the Settings tab, and your new template will be applied without skipping a beat!

Personalized URL Update Templates

Duplicate Contacts

This is a big one!  The way duplicate PURLs are handled has always been a point of contention.  One user wants to use a random number to make their duplicate PURLs unique. Another may want to append the company name.  Now Purlem users have the ability to define exactly how Purlem handles the duplicate contacts. The duplicate options can be found under the settings tab.

PURL Duplicates


Transfer/Delete Filtered Contacts

You could always filter contacts based on profile data or landing page activity.  Now you have the ability to transfer these filtered contacts to a different campaign, or delete them all together.  A nice feature to optimize contactact management between your PURL campaigns.

Personalized URL Filter contacts


Purlem API

With the 2013 update were introducing v1 of the Purlem API.  The API will allow developers to integrate 3rd party websites with their PURL campaigns.  This will make integrating with CRMs, Email Marketing Platforms, and the like a breeze!

Purlem API


Chat Support

We’re now using olark to provide a chat interface to assist both potential and existing Purlem users.  The interface is available both through the marketing site as well as through the dashboard (in the dashboard, click on the bubble icon in the top right of the screen).

Purlem Chat


Purlem is now 6 years old and this is the third major overhaul of the application.  Besides the updates mentioned above, the back-end of Purlem has also been made substantially stronger and more dependable. Hopefully these updates will help make your PURL marketing experience even more enjoyable. As always – a BIG thanks to all my clients for helping to make Purlem what it is today.  Your comments, critiques and suggestions are always welcome!