PURLs Power ScottishPower Retention Campaign

ScottishPower is a major utility company in the UK.  Like most utility companies in the UK, they experience a large attrition rate (those that cancel after signing up). ScottishPower needed a campaign that would help establish rapport with their existing customers and bring down that attrition.

So ScottishPower turned to PURLs to help establish this rapport.  They sent new customers a personalized email and welcome pack, both conting a Personalized URL (PURL).

The PURL Landing Page provided the visitor with relevant account information. It also had a quick two question survey with an incentive “prize” if they completed a longer survey.

The campaign shows that PURLs can do much more than provide a little lift in response rate.  They can also be very powerful in establishing rapport with customers/clients.

PURL Landing Page

The Results

  • 40% access rates to the PURLs
  • 64% e-mail click-through to PURL rates.
  • 81% drop in sales cancellations within the first 14 days of service
  • 39% reduction in new customer attrition

Purlem is not associated with ScottishPower in any way.  Just another great PURL campaign that I thought we could all learn from.
Case Study provided by PODi.  Download the entire case study free for a limited time.