Using PURLs as a Recruiting Tool

hiremeFinding the right people to hire can be a daunting taks small and large businesses alike.  To help find “A” talent, you should try adding another layer between the resume and interview. One popular option is inviting all potential candidates to an Open House.

The next logical question then is… how do you let people know that your having an open house?  Sending out an email or direct mailers to protential candidates can help generate awarenes and drive attendence.  Using Personalized URLs (PURLs), in these marketing materials can really ramp up your results.

Florida Hospital Tampa teamed up with Katon Direct to create a Personalized URL Campaign to drive awareness and attendance to their Open House event.  9,000 Direct mailers and 1,000 emails were sent to qualified RNs.  Both the direct mailer and email contained a PURL where candidates could register for the open house.

The results exceeded expectations: 

  • 193 online responses via the PURL landing page
  • 130 candidates attended the open house
  • 40 RN hires were made by Florida Hospital Tampa

Congrats to Katon Direct and Florida Hospital Tampa on a successfully executed PURL campaign!