How HP Used PURLs

Hewlett-Packard used to send out a catalog of courses they offered to IT pros.  It was a large catalog, that was becoming increasingly expensive to send out.  Back in 2003, Hewlett-Packard decided to switch to an online version of the catalog.  To drive people to the catalog, HP used Personalized URLs (PURLs).

HP had a strong list of people who have taken courses in the past.   They sent out an email and postcard, both containing a PURL, that drove people to a landing page.  Once on the landing page, the visitors were provided a “Recommended Class” and encouraged to register.

What I like most about this campaign, was idea to immediately offer a Recommended Class. HP could have very easily just shown the visitors the entire catalog of offerings on the landing page.  But this would have required too many options, and way to much thinking for a landing page.  By offering the Recommended Class, the visitor were provided with one option, and the ability to register right there.  Brilliant!

The Results
HP was expecting a 1-3% response rate, and 3% conversion rate.  The actual results way surpassed expectations. By introducing Personalized URLs into their marketing, HP received a 16.5% response rate from the email,  and 8.7% from the postcard!

But that was not the most impressive statistic.  HP had 31% of visitors actually purchase a course!  That is huge, and I would argue that the “Recommended Class” feature was a large part of this success.

By introducing PURLs, and the personalized landing page, HP generated $556,000 in revenue.

Congrats HP on not only a great PURL campaign, but also a great example for us all to learn from.


The email with Personalized URL

HP PURL Postcard

The Postcard with Personalized URL

HP PURL Landingpage

The PURL Landing Page

Purlem has is not affiliated in any way to Hewlett-Packard or the creation of this campaign.  Simply a great example of a PURL campaign that I thought we could all learn from.  Lear more about this campaign here: