Personalized vs Static Response Rates

Every have a client that whats some hard facts about how Personalized URLs will increase their response rates?  Look no further.  Caslon just completed a study that compared results from PODI’s personalized case study collection to the DMA’s Response Rate Report.

In a nutshell, the study found that personalized campaigns will on average outperform static campaigns by 4 times!  

Below are a couple charts that break down the research by objective and industry.  This is exactly what you want to show your clients and prospects to convince them that spending a little extra on personalization is worth it!

Personalized vs Static Response Rates

Personalized Response Rates by Objective

Personalized Response Rates by Industry

Personalized URLs are an easy way to easily give your static campaigns the personalization and relevancy the market is demanding.  Anyone that tells you that Personalized URLs are difficult, and/or expensive is lying to you!