Charging for PURL Campaigns

I’m often asked by marketing agencies and printers how they should charge for PURL campaigns.  It’s a very hard question to answer because it really depends on the campaign and the client.  In this post, I’ll try to articulate through charging for a PURL campaign to at least help point you in the right direction.

Some agencies and printers choose to charge per PURL.  This has been the traditional way of billing as you can see in my comparison of how providers charge per PURL. In my opinion, this is also the “old school” way of charging for PURLs.  It places an emphasis on the PURL itself (which by itself has very little impact on the overall campaign success), and leaves out the actual execution of the campaign.

For example, It’s going to take the same amount of work execute a 1,000 PURL campaign vs. 100,000 PURL campaign.  Pricing between these two campaigns is also negligible (about a $100 difference). So charging per PURL here makes absolutely no sense!

When thinking about how to charge for a PURL campaign, the two biggest factors are…

  1. The execution of the campaign
  2. The complexity of the landing page

The execution of the campaign

Some campaigns are very complex and have a lot of moving parts. These campaigns could extend over months and involve printing, postage/delivery, email marketing, cms integration, social sharing, etc. You will likely charge anywhere between $1,000 – $100,000 to execute complex campaigns such as this.

Others campaigns may be very simple and only involve creating a landing page and sending out an email. For campaigns such as this, you would typically charge anywhere between $100 – $1,000.

The complexity of the landing page

The second factor would be how complex the landing page is. A simple landing page may just use a Purlem template and take minutes to setup. If this is your approach, you will likely charge anywhere between $0 – $500.

More complex landing pages involve create a custom HTML design and utilize large amounts of personalization and integrations. For complex landing pages you will likely charge anywhere from $500 – $10,000.

Example Scenarios

  • You have a new client that you are introducing to PURLs.  They decided to do a test by sending and email containing a PURL to 1,000 recipients.  The landing page is using a simple Purlem Template, and the only variable data on the landing page is welcoming the person by name and contains a simple contact form.  Your hard costs for this campaign would be $24/mo for Purlem, and $0 to send the email’s through MailChimp’s forever free plan.  You will also have likely put in a couple hours of time setting up the campaign. If I were you, I would charge $300 as an “introductory price” to execute this campaign.
  • Using the same example as above, but instead of sending an email, it will be a direct mail piece containing a unqiue PURL for each recipient.  In this case, I would charge what you normally would for a Variable Data printing job, plus $300 for the PURL “technology.”
  • Changing gears to an “larger” client who has experience using PURLs and is sending out a large campaign to 100,000 prospects via email and direct mail.  The landing page has a custom design and will be highly personalized to each recipient with product suggestions based on past purchase history. It will allow the visitor to verify their contact information and print a ticket to attend an upcoming event. All this information is going to be tracked to their CMS.  For a campaign such as this, I would likely charge $10,000.