Use the Bandwagon to Increase Response Rates

There is one, very powerful, way to increase response rates of your Personalized URL campaign,  by just choosing the right words.

No… It is not “But wait, theres more!” or “Hurry before it’s to late.”  It is much more subtle of an approach that that.

The trick is to simply show that others are hopping on the bandwagon. (Seeing other dog owners carrying plastic bags encourages others to do so as well.)

There was a story in the NY Times recently about how a tax authority in the UK did a campaign to try and encourage business owners to pay their taxes on time. The results were quite interesting…

Profession of psychology Robert B. Cialdini “People are more likely to comply with a social norm if they know that most other people comply.”  Cialdini research suggests that if the tax authority would show how others are paying their taxes on time, it would encourage those that would otherwise not.  It would encourage the late tax payers to hop on the pay-on-time bandwagon.

The tax authority split tested their campaign to find a 15% increase in response when they used the words (perhaps, “9 out of 10 people in Exeter pay their taxes on time”).  A brilliant use of the bandwagon! The tax authorities estimate that this initiative, if rolled out across the country, could generate £30 million of extra revenue annually!

So consider how to integrate the bandwagon when working on your next Direct Mail, or Email Personalized URL Campaign!