Rosemont College raised $1,700,000 with PURLs

Rosemont College in Philadelphia launched a PURL Campaign that received a 29% response rate and raised over $1,700,000!

The trick to Rosemont’s college success was building a relationship before asking for money.  Many people jump into PURLs expecting that throwing out a one-hit campaign with pull in the magical response/conversion rates.  They won’t!   The trick – as Rosemont college just proved – is to use multiple touch points (direct mail, email, web, and social media) over an extended period of time (months to years), to first establish a relationship before going in for the kill.

Round 1

The first round for Rosemont college was a email to previous donors.  The emails contained a Personalized URL (PURL) where they could read about current students, complete an online survey about what they had been doing since graduation, connect with Rosemont’s Facebook page, and (ofcourse) make a donation to the College.

Round 2

In the second round, and a series of emails and solicitation letters were sent to alumni and parents.  Both the emails and letters had a PURL to make a donation.

Personalized URL Letter

Round 3 & 4

The final rounds again contained a combination of email and direct mail to past donors and alumni.  A four-color self-mailer was sent to previous donors and young alumni.  A solicitation letter was sent to older alumni.  Again, both version gave instructions to visit the PURL to make a donation.

Personalized URL Self-Mailer

The Results:

  • 29% of recipients (2,361 individuals) vis response to either email or direct mail
  • Over $1,700,000 was raised in donations from 1,123 alumni and parents

Yep – this is one of those PURL campaigns that really gets people excited about PURLs.  I mean… what could your business do with a 29% response rate?  You send out just 100 postcards and 29 people respond!  That is 29 new people interested in what you have to offer.  That is incredible!

But Rosemont College has also shown that there is a lot to making a PURLs work.  This particular campaign spread over 9 months and took a lot of work and coordination to pull it off.  In this case, the hard work paid off with great dividends. Congrats Rosemont College on a great campaign we can all learn from!

You can see the complete case study here (and it’s free for a limited time): PODi Case Studies