Case Study: Boelte-Hall Receives 33.5% Response Rate with Personalized URLs

Boelte-Hall, a print service provider in Kansas City, recently used a direct mail campaign to increase traffic to their booth at the Ag Media Summit (AMS).

The first batch of 1,379 postcards were mailed to AMS’ list of previous attendees and prospects for the Summit. The postcards contained a Personalized URL where recipients could schedule a one-on-one meeting with Claudia McCue (an Adobe expert).

Personalized URL Postcards #1

Personalized URL Postcards #1


A second postcard was sent to 498 registered attendees. This postcard also had a Personalized URL where recipients could request a ride from the airport to the show, and enter a drawing for an iPad2.

Personalized URL Postcards #1

Personalized URL Postcards #2


Here is where the campaign got really smart…  Upon visiting the Personalized Landing Page, recipients learned exactly what they needed to do to be eligible to win the iPad2.  Attendees needed to:

  1. Visit each booth and scan a QR Code to receive two questions
  2. Talk to booth staff to receive answers to those questions
  3. Write the answers in the entry blanks of the postcard
  4. Drop the completed postcard off at Boelte-Hall’s booth

Leading up the to Summit, Boelte-Hall also sent two reminder emails to those that did not respond to their Personalized URL through the postcard.

The Results

  • 33.5% response rate – registered attendees visited their Personalized URL and completed an online survey.
  • 44.9% of respondents request more information about cross channel marketing
  • 214 people requested a ride from the airport
  • 66 people entered the drawing for the iPad2
  • 28% Survey Respondents came from the Postcard mailing, 50% from the first email reminder, and 22% from the second email reminder.
  • Boelte-Hall experienced tremendous traffic and lots of conversations with attendees (priceless) 🙂

I find it very interesting that 50% of the survey respondents came from the first email reminder.  This goes to show just how important repeated communication and multiple touch-points are in a campaign.

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