agencyEA received a 7.4% Response Rate from their PURL Campaign

agencyEA, a marketing agency with clients like Boeing, Oprah, McDonald’s and United Airlines recently used a direct mail campaign to drive new client acquisitions and create brand awareness.

The direct mail piece included a Personalized URL (PURL) that drove recepients to a personalized landing page where they could register for a chance to win $500 in airfare.  The campaign was sent out to marketing and communications executives for major corporations in the States.

When visitors completed the survey on their PURL landing page, the received a follow up “thank you” email and were automatically entered to win the $500 airfare.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of this campaign,” said Katie Ellis, VP of Marketing of agencyEA.

The Results

  • 7.4% of recipients visited their PURL
  • 34% of PURL visitors requested further interaction
  • agencyEA was able to collect valuable information about respondents’ needs and budgets for future follow-up, as well as phone and email information.
PURL marketing direct mail

PURL marketing landing page