PURL Email Makeover – Ent

I was sent an email yesterday by Ent credit union that I though would be perfect for a Personalized URL (PURL).  I’m sure that by simply adding a PURL to this campaign, Ent would realize a huge spike in their response rates.

It gave me the idea to do an “email makeover” series, showing emails I receive and how they could be made more effective with PURLs.  Here is original email I received from Ent.

Ent Email PURL Makeover

A couple of things jump out right away.  First, and most important, the call-to-action is a small “Online Banking” link hidden in the middle of a paragraph.  The call-to-action should be the one thing that they eye is immediatly drawn to.  When a person receives your email, it should be so incredibly obvious to them what you (as the sender) wants them to do next.  This makes a person actually read to figure out what they need to do.

Second, they address me by MARTY THOMAS in all caps.  How unpersonalized is that?  It screams, YOU ARE PART OF A HUGE MASS EMAIL AND WE DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU.

Finally, what is the purpose of having the “Message from Ent” banner.  It takes up valuable real estate at the top of the email and doesn’t tell me anything new. I know this is a message from Ent.

So with just a  few minor updates to the email, I came up with this:

PURL Email Ent

Here we have a very clear call to action with Personalized URL.   For the PURL, I used a unique and short domain name – ent5000.com. I can easily create these PURLs for every contact in my email marketing campaign using Purlem.

I also removed the “Message from Ent” banner and made the greeting more friendly.

What do you think?  Would you be more apt to click on the revised email?