Introducing Purlem’s MailChimp Integration

We just released the MailChimp Integration!  The MailChimp Integration allows you to import your MailChimp contacts into Purlem.  Once imported, Purlem will automatically create PURLs for each of your MailChimp contacts.  Purlem will also communicate back to MailChimp with each contact’s PURL for you to dynamically pull into your email marketing campaigns.

Here is how it works…

1. Add your MailChimp API Key into Purlem

To activate the MailChimp Integration with Purlem, enter your MailChimp API Key.

You can find the Integration page under the Clients tab > Manage > Integrations

Where can I find my MailChimp API Key?


If the integration is successful, the red dot will turn green (as seen in the example above)

2. Import Contacts from MailChimp

Select the Import from MailChimp link under the Contacts tab.


3. Select the MailChimp List you would like to Import


4. That’s It!

All contacts from the select list in MailChimp will be imported into Purlem.  You can check your list in MailChimp to see how the PURLs for each contact were automatically added as well.