CASE STUDY: Announces Innovative New MailChimp Integration.

Inviting prospects and clients to view a personalized landing page has never been easier. As part of their latest update, now allows its users to automatically import their MailChimp contacts into the innovative Purlem platform. 

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Chicago, IL – Study after study is proving that personalized URLs rocket both click-through rates and conversions. Now, as part of their latest update, is delighted to announce full integration with MailChimp.

The new partnership allows Purlem users to automatically import contacts stored within MailChimp, instantly creating personalized URLs for each contact. With the system then immediately sending the URLs back to MailChimp, users are able to continue their email marketing efforts with compelling new power.

“With the Mailchimp integration, email marketers no longer have an excuse to keep using generic links in their campaigns,” explains Martin Thomas, Founder of

He continues, “The process of transferring PURLs to and from an email marketing platform used to take marketers hours.  With the new MailChimp integration, it takes seconds.”

The ethos behind’s offering is simple; people would much rather click on a link that contains their name, over a generic link that looks just like ‘everything else’. What was once can now become – making an instant connection with the user and drastically increasing the likelihood that they will click through.

In order to quantify these results, many institutions have commissioned studies into the concept of personalized URLs. As expected, the results are staggering.

“It is not unusual for a PURL to increase click through rates by 50 – 100 percent. While it does vary from campaign to campaign, there is a rock-solid trend that indicates adding a PURL will not only engage a prospect, but lead them to trust you and build subconscious rapport. All of this vital when making a sale,” Thomas adds.

In terms of the company’s latest MailChimp integration announcement, Thomas makes it clear that this is just the beginning of a whole host of upcoming partnerships.

“This is just one more step towards our initiative of making ever marketers’ life easier by integrating Purlem with every major marketing tool on the web,” he concludes.

To find out more about how Purlem seamlessly integrates with MailChimp, please watch this informative YouTube video.

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