Personalized Email – 5 Tips to Increase Click Through Rates

Personalized Email MarketingWe all know that relevant and personalized email is more effective than a generic, un-targeted email. Here are 5 Tips you can use today to make your email marketing more personalized and increase your click-through rates.

1) Do not include the recipient’s name in the subject line
Studies have shown that including the recipient’s name in the subject line of significantly lower open rates. This tactic was over-used by spammers in the past, and recipients automatically associate their name in the subject line as spam. Don’t do this!

2) Use Plain-Text Emails
When you personalize an HTML formatted email it is very obvious to the recipient that the email was also sent out to a lot of other people. This can sometimes come off as fake, transparent and “spammy.”

3) Use Personalized URLs (PURLs)
If you are going to include a link in your personalized email, you mine as well make it a personalized link. This is known as a “Personalized URL” or PURL. A PURL includes your recipients name directly in the link itself. For example – By including a PURL in your email, you can double your click through rates.

4) It’s More than a Name
Personalization should be about more than just greeting the recipient by name. Take it a step further and personalize the message as well. If you selling baseball jerseys, and the recipient lives in Chicago, show them Sox and Cubs jerseys. You get the idea… A little extra work to segment your recipients into groups can go a long way.

5) Check it Twice
This is obvious, but I have to mention it. Sending out a personalized email with bad data will not only ruin the campaign, it could harm your credibility as well. Check your mailing list and personalized data twice, and make sure that the people you are sending the message to will be received the correct personalized information.