How much should PURLs Cost?

The overall cost of your PURL campaign is greatly dependent on the software you choose.  As the founder of Purlem, I’m obviously a biased to what I feel is the best & most affordable PURL software.  But I will try to give an overview of the different software options that are available, and the PURL cost associated with each.  Also, since the “other guys” hide their prices, I will only be able to give an approximate PURL Cost from research. You can see the links I used in the asterisks below.  If you have any further insight, please share!

Licensing Fee Per PURL Cost (100k PURLs)
Purlem* $0 0.5 cents
Mindfire** $9,500 2 cents
EasyPurl*** $2,500 4 cents
interlinkOne**** $0 2 cents
Dukky***** $0 2 cents

Obviously, each of the above companies have slightly different offerings and features.  It would be up to you to research each company and decide which is the best for your you.

Other costs associated with a PURL Campaign you should be aware of…

Other than the software, you are likely going to also have to purchase a domain name and hosting account. Domain name’s typically run at $10/year and basic hosting accounts start at just $5/month.

Many of the above PURL applications provided landing page templates that are included in the fees. However, if you have a specific design in mind, there could be time and costs associated with creating the Landing Page design. I can’t speak for the other guys, but at Purlem a good ball-park for the design of a custom Landing Page is $1,000.